Will the iPhone 14 Case Fit the iPhone 15? Answered!

Another year, another new iPhone lineup, and like every year, Apple has yet again surprised us with cutting-edge features and design improvements and has indeed redefined our buying decision. However, with innovation comes a question that plagues every iPhone owner, “Will my old iPhone 14 cases, still be compatible with the new iPhone 15?” In this post, we delve into the compatibility of iPhone 14 cases with the iPhone 15, Exploring the subtle nuances and design changes that might impact your beloved protective case.

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 : Design Changes

To determine whether your iPhone 14 case fits the new iPhone 15, it is essential to understand the design differences between the two models.

1. Dimensions: Apple tends to make subtle changes in its new iPhones, and the same is the case with iPhone 15 as well. While both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 models share identical Width and depth (2.82 inches and .31 inches, respectively), Apple has made a little deviation in terms of height. The iPhone 15 is .03 inches (1.1 mm) taller than the iPhone 14. Also this time, Apple has opted for little contoured edges, while the iPhone 14 has flat edges.

DimensionsiPhone 15iPhone 14
Height5.81 inches (147.6 mm)5.78 inches (146.7 mm)
Width2.82 inches (71.6 mm)2.82 inches (71.5 mm)
Depth0.31 inch (7.80 mm)0.31 inch (7.80 mm)

2. Camera Bump: The camera bump is another critical factor. On the iPhone 15, Apple has added a new 48MP main camera lens, as opposed to the 12MP one on the iPhone 14. This can lead to variations in the shape and size of the camera cutout on your case.

3. Button Placement: The position of buttons, such as volume rockers, power buttons, and the mute switch is another important factor. While the button placement of iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 looks identical, we expect a little deviation due to the height difference.

4. Ports and Speaker Grill: This is where Apple has completely changed its game with the iPhone 15, as on the iPhone 15 you get the all-new type C port instead of the lightning port you find on all other previous generations. So, your iPhone 14 case most probably does not have the precise cutout for the iPhone 15’s new USB-C charging port.

Will Your iPhone 14 Case Fit the iPhone 15?

iPhone 15 Plus case
Image Courtesy: Spigen

Going by the things we discussed in the previous section, there is little height difference between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 14, and the iPhone 15 also has a new charging port. While the difference is minimal, it is still enough to create fit issues. On top of it, the new iPhone 15 has a contoured shape. You can still give it a try, as there is no harm in trying, but don’t expect a perfect fit.

Will Your iPhone 14 Plus Case Fit the iPhone 15 Plus

Sorry to disappoint you, but your iPhone 14 Plus case won’t fit the new iPhone 15 Plus. The dimensions of the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 14 Plus differ the same as those of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 and the contoured edges issue still persists. While you can give your old iPhone 14 Plus case a shot on the new iPhone 15 Plus, you will find minor fit issues. Also, a tight case might put scratches on the iPhone 15’s edges.

Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect case for your new iPhone. Check out our article on the best iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus cases.

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