Apple Says 128GB on iPhone 15 Is ‘Lots of Storage’ and It’s Laughable

In Short
  • Apple has released an ad titled "iPhone 15 storage" where it says the 128GB storage on the iPhone 15's base variant is "lots of storage".
  • I believe Apple is too far away from reality or it's a faux pas from Apple's marketing team.

I bought a Samsung S20 in 2020 and it came with 128GB base storage and the iPhone 12 released the very same year had 64GB base storage. Disappointingly, it’s 2024 and Apple still offers the iPhone 15 with 128GB storage in the base variant. While it does what it does, things take a dismal turn when it advertises the 128GB storage on iPhone as “lots of storage” in its ad campaign for iPhone 15.

Today, Apple released an advertisement on YouTube with the title “iPhone 15 storage,” proudly flaunting the 128GB storage on the iPhone 15. The ad shows a user trying to delete photos on his iPhone 15 in an attempt to save storage, the background music plays “Don’t Let Me Go” by Terrace Martin. The ad ends with a message “Lots of storage for lots of photos,” and “Relax, it’s iPhone 15”.

I mean come on Apple, it’s 2024 and 128GB is not lots of storage. Either the advertisement is a self-goal from Apple’s marketing team to invite even more criticism to the base storage option which has not changed since the iPhone 13 or Apple is out of touch with reality.

When you click a photo on iPhone 15 in 1x focal length and JPEG Max format, it comes out to be around 7.5MB. Considering the size of a single photo on iPhone 15 utilizing the 48MP camera, I don’t think 128GB is “lots of storage”. If you record a 4K resolution video on an iPhone 15, a 20-second video turns out to be in the ballpark of 126MB, again undermining Apple’s claims.

iPhone 15 photos and videos storage

From my experience, those 4K 60fps videos and photos will fill up the storage faster than light. I own the iPhone 13 base variant with “lots of storage” and at one point I had to think about deleting apps or photos to free up the storage. When system data on iPhones eats up around 4GB on average and with every iOS update, the storage space wanes, Apple’s cost-cutting pinches you.

It’s not even about “why 128GB on iPhone in 2024,” it’s about justifying the price that Apple charges for its iPhones and bumping up the base storage with time. I don’t think anyone wouldn’t agree when I say that Apple should have notched up the default storage option on iPhones to 256GB when it added the 48MP camera on the current gen iPhones. It’s not that the flash storage prices haven’t dropped over time. They have and Apple is still reluctant to bite into a chunk of its margins and offer specs that match the price it asks.

Do you think the 128GB storage on the iPhone 15 is lots of storage or are you not a part of Apple’s marketing team?

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