iPhone 15 Users Are Experiencing Bluetooth Issues and There’s Currently No Fix

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In Short
  • Some iPhone 15 users have been facing ongoing Bluetooth connection issues.
  • Many of the complaints come from iPhone 15 and 15 Pro users who faced frequent disconnections with older Bluetooth devices.
  • Until now, no iOS 17 update has addressed iPhone 15 Bluetooth problems.

Some iPhone 15 users have been facing ongoing Bluetooth connection issues, according to the complaints on Apple Support Community and MacRumors forums. Since the iPhone 15 series hit the market, users have been struggling with erratic Bluetooth connections.

There were several complaints suggesting that the iPhone 15, and even iPhone 15 Pro models throw frequent disconnections with older Bluetooth devices like headphones or in-car systems that don’t have the CarPlay feature. The conversation started when a user reported iPhone 15 Pro Max Bluetooth connectivity issues in his BMW 2014 model.

“Since iOS 17 I have been having frequent disconnects in my car (no carplay. BMW 2014) bluetooth for calls. 
I make a hands free call in my car and after a few seconds bluetooth disconnects and I have manually switch to the speaker in my iPhone.”

It then started a wave. Many users joined in the discussion, sharing how they are facing similar Bluetooth connection issues on their iPhone 15 models.

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A major chunk of the complaints came from iPhone 15 users who couldn’t connect their iPhones to Bluetooth car systems, headphones, and similar devices. However, some users are also having a hard time connecting their iPhone 15 models to modern devices like AirPods, Beat Studio Buds, and more. An iPhone 15 Pro Max user who switched from iPhone 15 Plus reported terrible Bluetooth connections.

“I moved from 15 plus to 15 pro max (silly but switched carriers so I got it for free) and am having terrible bluetooth connections. Car bluetooth is fine. But on both my AirPods Max and and Beats Studio Buds, my music will cut out and reconnect and calls will drop after 5 to 10 minutes. Done all the resets. Hoping we are sent a software update soon.”

It’s worth mentioning that iPhone 15 Bluetooth issues initially surfaced in October 2023, shortly after users got their hands on the latest phone. Users thought that an iOS 17 iteration would resolve these problems. Unfortunately, none of the software updates addressed this issue. After every iOS 17 iteration, the Bluetooth issues tend to resurface again. The most recent reports come from users who have updated to iOS 17.3.1. So, it’s evident that Apple hasn’t addressed this issue yet.

Right now, the root cause of these problems isn’t clear. The issues are persistent across the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro models. Unfortunately, restarting the iPhone, resetting it, or other common fixes didn’t seem to work in this case. To chuck away these frustrations, some users have gotten their iPhones replaced.

Did you face Bluetooth issues on iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro models? Don’t forget to share your experiences in the comments below.

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