WhatsApp Beta Adds Shortcut for AI-Powered Chats!

whatsapp beta adds ai powered chat shortcut feature
Image Courtesy: WhatsApp/WABetaInfo

Meta made its intentions about injecting AI into WhatsApp clear during the 2023 Meta Connect Conference. After only initially being available to a few users in the United States, fresh news about the AI bot is here.

It has been reported by WABetaInfo that Whatsapp is adding a new shortcut button to the UI. Available through the TestFlight beta program with the version for iOS (, the new shortcut is to open the upcoming AI-powered chats feature!

Image Courtesy: WABetaInfo

In the below screenshot, look at the new button next to the camera icon. As you can see, it is present in the navigation bar next to the new chats tab. This is the new AI-powered chat shortcut! It looks like Meta wants to make it a dedicated button and emphasize its use within the app.

For those who want more info, users will get to initiate the AI-powered chat directly by pressing this button. The aim is to speed up the process for everyone who wants to use the new Meta AI-powered Chat feature. The user won’t have to scroll down in their chats to find their previous conversations with the AI.

Meta has previously talked about its AI Conversational Assistant. The highlight feature includes generative stickers, and the ability to get AI assistants which are based on popular personalities. This includes Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady, Kendall Jenner, and a few others. The company’s latest Lllama 2 model brings various improvements, such as double the context length (essentially supporting more inputs from the user) and 40% more data being used to train it compared to the last iteration. You can even use the Llama 2 model right now in a ‘demo’ fashion.

WhatsApp also added Discord-like capabilities recently, supporting up to 128 people in a hybrid voice & chat call. WABetaInfo expects that more TestFlight people will receive the AI chat shortcut in their WhatsApp Beta in the coming weeks.

Is Meta adding a new AI-powered chat feature to WhatsApp a good idea? If you want to use AI on WhatsApp right now, it’s easy to learn how to add ChatGPT to WhatsApp. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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