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How to Use Llama 2, Meta’s Latest AI Model

While you would think the realm of AI has slowly gone silent, that isn’t the case. Besides the latest GPT-4 and PaLM 2 models, numerous AI LLMs are being developed by researchers and tech giants alike. One of the latest is Meta’s Llama 2, a next-generation large language model that is also open source. While primarily made for businesses and researchers, did you know you can try out Llama 2 right now? So, to help you out, we have created a dedicated guide on how to use Llama 2 AI model.

What is Llama 2 AI Model from Meta?

Meta’s Llama 2 is the newest successor and addition to the company’s set of language models, rivaling ChatGPT and its alternatives. The Llama 2 model has been trained on 40% more data than its previous version and also has double the context length. Furthermore, the LLM has been divided into different model weights that range from 7B to 70B parameters.

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Since Llama 2 is open source, Meta has benchmarked it against other similar models. As such, this LLM outperforms a lot of competitors in various external benchmarks, including reasoning and coding tests and much more. Keep reading to learn how you can access Meta’s LLM for yourself right now.

How to Use LLAma 2 Chatbot Right Now

Step 1: Visit the Demo Website

Meta’s Llama 2 is currently only available on Amazon Web Services and HuggingFace. We will be using the latter for this tutorial. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  • Head over to the official HuggingFace Llama 2 demo website and scroll down until you’re at the Demo page.
  • Click the “this Space” link under Demo to be taken to the main page.
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Step 2: Enter Query and Get Response

  • You will now see the main chatbox, where you can enter your query and click the ‘Submit‘ button to get answers. Your query can be a simple Hi or as detailed as an HTML code prompt.
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  • Llama 2 might take a solid minute to reply; it’s not the fastest right now. This is because the load steadily increases as more people try it out.
  • Once Meta’s AI model is done formulating, you will see a reply show up.
A screenshot showing response from Meta

Meta Llama 2 AI Model: First Impressions

HuggingFace has stated that the available Llama 2 LLM is the big version with over 70 billion parameters running as the brain. As such, the model is capable of quite a lot. During my time testing it out, it was able to hold conversations, write code, and the AI chatbot was able to respond back easily. Furthermore, while Llama 2 says it cannot access the Internet, you can feed it links and ask it to summarize content or talk about it.

A screenshot of the Meta 2 LLM in action

While it doesn’t do that perfectly, inserting random points not in the article, it did the job well enough. Nonetheless, it is exciting to see this new language model and how it might turn out to be a serious competition to other open and even closed-source LLMs.

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