What Do Cows Eat in Minecraft?

In Short
  • Cows in Minecraft love to eat wheat.
  • You can grow wheat from wheat seeds or often find it in village farms.
  • Select wheat on your hot bar and feed it to a cow. Wheat can also be used to lure and breed adult cows and speed up the growth of baby cows.

Even though cows in Minecraft look silly and are pretty basic, they are definitely one of the most iconic and useful mobs in the game. Cows drop leather, which is essential in the early game for enchanting, and meat, which you can cook into steak, one of the best food items available. Luckily, you can breed cows to have infinite access to these items. To help you out with the same, first, learn what cows eat in Minecraft with your handy guide below.

Cows in Minecraft love to eat wheat. It is a type of crop that you can grow yourself or find growing naturally in village farms. To grow wheat, you can punch grass to obtain wheat seeds. Then, you should create farmland using a hoe. Make sure it’s hydrated so the crops grow faster.

Wheat farm in a village

Finally, plant the seeds and wait for the wheat to grow. Don’t know how? Don’t worry, as it’s easy to learn how to plant seeds and grow crops in Minecraft. You may also make an automatic wheat farm that will produce more wheat than you know what to do with.

Once you have wheat, you can hold it in your main hand. Any nearby cow will start following you, as they are attracted to wheat. You can then simply use the item to feed the cow.

Player feeding a cow in Minecraft

If the cow is an adult, you’ll see heart particles appear above it, signifying it’s ready for breeding. If the cow is a baby, feeding it wheat will decrease the time needed to grow by 10%.

And that’s what cows eat in Minecraft. Other useful mobs, like sheep and llamas, also love wheat, so make sure to keep extras. So, did we help you feed your cows in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

How do you tame a Minecraft cow?

You cannot tame a cow in Minecraft. You cannot ride them nor have them store items, so there is no way to tame them. You can always build a barn for them and let them be a cute decoration.

How do you farm cows?

You can keep cows in a fenced-off area and continually breed them with wheat. Alternatively, with a few materials, you can make an automatic cow farm that will produce it independently.

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