JK Rowling is Releasing a Whole New Book Online for Free

Ickabog feat.

To ease the lockdown frustrations of the global population, Harry Potter writer, JK Rowling has come up with a whole new book for readers to indulge into. We saw the writer come up with the “Harry Potter at Home” hub for book lovers to lose themselves during the ongoing pandemic-led lockdown. Now, she is publishing this new book online for free.

The new book, the Ickabog, already has a dedicated website where Rowling wrote about how the book came into being. According to her note, she wrote the book a long time ago and used to read it to her two children chapter-by-chapter while she was working on it. However, when she finished the book, instead of publishing it, the writer put the book in the attic for the time being.

Now, as the Novel Coronavirus-led pandemic has locked down most of the countries, the writer brought down “the Ickabog” from the attic. After making a few changes to the story by taking suggestions from her little ones, Rowling decided to publish it online on a chapter-by-chapter basis, just like how she used to read it to her children.

The book will be published on the dedicated website over the next seven weeks. The writer says that each week one, two, or even three chapters could come at a time and the first two chapters are already published.

Another fun fact is that there is an ongoing competition where participants can submit their illustrations of the book. These illustrations will be judged by publishers and will be included in the physical copy of the book when it comes out later this year.

Rowling also claims that when the book gets published in November, she will be donating all her royalties to help those who have been affected by the Coronavirus.

If you want to start reading “the Ickabog”, you can head here for the first two chapters.

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