“100,000 Faces” is a Website That Shows the Impact of COVID-19 on Us

100k faces feat.

The COVID-19 pandemic, since it started from early this year, has taken millions of lives around the world. There are people from every race, color, religion, gender, and age who have been affected by the Coronavirus. So, to give a memorial service to the American Coronavirus victims, a developer created a website that contains over a hundred thousand images showcasing the impact of the Coronavirus on human lives. from all over the world.

Created by Matt Korostoff, “100,000 faces” is essentially a webpage that contains exactly what it states in the title. However, the people in the images are all fictional and are generated by a computer. According to the creator, these people “do not and have never existed”.

Korostoff used an AI image-generator, “Generated Photos“, to generate the faces of the people. These faces are created by an AI model and (probably) do not exist in the real world. 

Now, the creator did not just generate faces of random people. He went on to get hold of the age and gender breakdown of the COVID-19 victims of America. Along with this data and also the racial breakdown of the data, the creator generated over a hundred thousand images and put it up on his website. He even digitally aged some of the images with the “faceapp “to account for the under-representation of elderly people in that service”

So, does the website actually contain 100,000 pictures? Hell yeah, it does (113,728, to be precise) and I know because it took me almost 3 minutes to scroll down to the end of the webpage with auto-scroller at full speed! I even recorded the process and you can check it out below.

Now, what is the use of this website? Well, although the people on those images are not real, they represent an actual life that is lost due to the pandemic. So, this website is there just to showcase the impact of the Coronavirus on this planet and on us, humans.

So, if you are intrigued, then you can check out the website from right here. Also, do let us know about your thoughts on this website in the comments below.

SOURCE Matt Korostoff
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  • Lee says:

    Would be worth showing and sharing if the scroll was slower so faces could be seen and mean something . Vs scrolling so fast to others an argument of how many of those are repeated. Not saying they are. But, all these people deserve more then an unrecognizable face, which is like the insensitive dismissal of their lives as just a number or % .
    If your try my to prove a point for those who died from Covid19. Give them all the respect to be seen, acknowledged they existed and their lives meant something. Otherwise it’s just a dismissal of them as just another number in the count of deaths. Don’t dishonor them that way.

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