Valorant 7.08 Is Changing Smokes and Pro Players Are Not Happy

Valorant SMOKE CHANGES feature

Riot Games always ensures that Valorant keeps updating with time, and well, gamers either like the patches or not. Though one thing you should remember is that changes get implemented while keeping all players in mind. However, the latest changes in Valorant smokes have the pro players buzzing. Let us have a look at what exactly is happening and what the professional Valorant players are fuming over.

Valorant Smoke Visual and Audio Changes in 7.08

According to the ValorLeaks X (formerly Twitter) account, the Valorant 7.08 update will bring a quality of life change for smokes. This change will reflect on the smoke duration and timing of agents like Brimstone, Astra, and Omen. Towards the end of a smoke (1.5 seconds before the end), there will be a sound queue along with a sparkly visual effect in the smoke cloud. This will help identify the end time of a smoke. The changes will allow new players or players who avoid in-game communication to adjust to a friendly or enemy smoke.

What Are Pros Saying About the New Smoke Change?

Well, regardless of Riot Games’ intentions with this small QoL change in the game, Valorant pro players are not happy. Some of the players are calling out developers for lowering the skill gap between pro and new players.

Valorant 2023 Champions winner EG Boostio stated, “Bad change tbh. People need to learn the game to this level at least.” in a reply to a post by G2 JoshRT, who was in favor of the changes. According to Josh, the change will help the new players understand game mechanics better, and lower-rank games will be more enjoyable.

On the same changes Giants pro player Žygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas tweeted, “Lets lower the skill gap even more for the people that play just a few games a month. Also, I have a suggestion lets give aimbot for people that play only a few games, so they can maintain their rank and continue enjoying the game. #VamosRiot”

A lot of players are complaining that the game will be aim-dominated and the smoke players who have learned the timings and calls will be nerfed due to this change. Well, only time will tell what Riot Games does about all this community division. But for now, this change is sure to impact the game and make it a tab easier for many.

What do you guys think about this new smoke change in Valorant? Are you pro-smoke changes? Or, are you against it? Let us know in the comments below. Before the smokes, Riot also dropped the October Night Market in Valorant, so check it out as well.

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