Evil Geniuses Crowned Winners of Valorant Champions 2023: Final Results & Recap

Valorant Champions 2023 closes off with Evil Geniuses lifting the trophy. The final night kicked off with the golden carpet and opening performances from artists like Grabbitz, bbno$, Emei, jazz, and Ericdoa. The Grand Finals were not as close as their last encounter. The game ended on the 4th map in the best of 5 series. This marks the final game for this PRX (Paper Rex) roster as PRX Jinggg will leave the roster to serve the military in his country. EG will get a sum of $1,000,000 for coming first in this tournament. In this article, we will discuss the final results and all the recap from VCT 2023, the third iteration of the Valorant Champions tournament.

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Bracket

What started as an unsatisfying journey for EG start of this year turned around completely. EG was almost eliminated from the qualifiers at VCT Americas and got in thanks to MIBR defeating 100 Thieves. It was also a speculation that EG was to replace their coach Christine ‘Potter’ Chi. EG already lost to PRX in a close 1-2 in the Upper Bracket Finals but they came back strong with a win against LOUD in 3-2 and a showcase of greatness on the final night with a 3-1 result. Jawgemo of team Evil Geniuses got the MVP of the night with 85 kills in the series. EG becomes the winner of a Global event as an American region team after LOUD won at Masters Reykjavík. You can catch all the highlights on Valorant’s official YouTube channel.

VCT 2023 final results

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Schedule Overview

The group stage matches for the Valorant Champions Tournament occurred on August 6th- 13th, 2023. Only the top two teams from each group advanced to the playoffs. The playoffs started on the 16th of August and ended on the 20th of August. The semi-finals and finals are taking place on the 24th- 26th of August.

Valorant Champions 2023 Playoffs Detailed Timing and Results

(Note: We have mentioned all the times for VCT 2023 in GMT, ET, PT, and Indian Standard Time. Second matches are likely to take place early if the first match goes 2-0.)

Bracket Stage (August 16th- 20th)

  • August 16th
UB Round 1Fnatic 0-2 LOUDLOUD8 PM3 PM12 PM12:30 am
(August 17th)
UB Round 1PRX 2-0 FUTPRX (Paper Rex)11 PM6 PM3 PM3:30 am
(August 17th)
  • August 17th
UB Round 1DRX 2-0 BLGDRX8 PM3 PM12 PM12:30 am
(August 18th)
UB Round 1EG 2-1 EDGEG11 PM6 PM3 PM3:30 am
(August 18th)
  • August 18th
LB Round 1Fnatic 2-0 FUTFnatic8 PM3 PM12 PM12:30 am
(August 19th)
LB Round 1BLG 1-2 EDGEDG11 PM6 PM3 PM3:30 am
(August 19th)
  • August 19th
UB Round 2LOUD 1-2 PRXPRX (Paper Rex)8 PM3 PM12 PM12:30 am
(August 20th)
UB Round 2DRX 0-2 EGEG11 PM6 PM3 PM3:30 am
(August 20th)
  • August 20th
LB Round 2EDG 1-2 LOUDLOUD8 PM3 PM12 PM12:30 am
(August 21st)
LB Round 2Fnatic 2-1 DRXFnatic11 PM6 PM3 PM3:30 am
(August 21st)

Upper Bracket Finals and Lower Bracket Semifinals (August 24th)

UB FinalPRX 2-1 EGPRX (Paper Rex)8 PM3 PM12 PM12:30 am
(August 25th)
LB Round 3LOUD 2-1 FnaticLOUD11 PM6 PM3 PM3:30 am
(August 25th)

Lower Bracket Finals (August 25th)

LB FinalLOUD 2-3 EGEG8 PM3 PM12 PM12:30 am
(August 26th)

Grand Finals (August 26th)

Grand FinalEG 3-1 PRXEG8 PM3 PM12 PM12:30 am
(August 27th)

Valorant Champions 2023 Groups

Group Stage Bracket and Results

  • Group A
Group A bracket
1PRX (Paper Rex)2-0
  • Group B
Group B bracket
2FUT Esports2-1
  • Group C
Group C bracket
2BLG (Bilibili Gaming)2-1
  • Group D
Group D bracket Champions 2023

VCT 2023 Qualified Teams and Groups Draw

From every region, four teams were to qualify for the Valorant Champions Tournament. Fnatic also joined the EMEA teams by winning the Masters Tokyo event. Moreover, this is the first time China joined the Valorant Champions 2023 Tournament. Three teams from China have qualified for the tournament Edward Gaming, Bilibili Gaming, and FPX (FunPlus Phoenix).

From Asia-Pacific, four teams qualified in Paper Rex, T1, DRX, and ZETA. From the Americas, the teams qualified are NRG, EG, LOUD, and KRÜ Esports. EMEA got five team qualifications, thanks to Fnatic winning the Masters. The 5 teams are Fnatic, FUT Esports, Team Liquid, NAVI and Giants. Here is what the group stage for VCT Los Angeles looks like:

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Paper Rex GamingEvil GeniusesFnaticTeam Liquid
KRÜ EsportsFunPlus PhoenixZETA DivisionNAVI
Edward GamingFUT EsportsNRGDRX
GiantsT1Bilibili GamingLOUD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the group of death in Valorant Champions 2023?

Group C is considered to be the hardest group. With the Masters champions Fnatic and former runners-up NRG (formerly OPTIC) in the same group it is highly competitive for other teams too.

What is the tournament timing for VCT 2023?

The tournament starts on the 6th of August and ends on the 26th of August.

Where will the VCT 2023 take place?

Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium will host the group stage rounds from August 6-20. The final stages will be on the KIA forum which is the largest capacity for any Valorant event so far.

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