This Jujutsu Kaisen Character Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

The Jujutsu Kaisen manga is nearing its end, and obviously, fans are devastated thinking of letting go of their favorite Shonen manga and its lovable characters. JJK introduced us to several amazing characters, including Yuji Itadori, Nanami Kento, Gojo Satoru, Nobara, and more. However, there’s a potent character in Jujutsu Kaisen who deserves their own spin-off manga. Want to know who it is?

Meet Megumi Fushiguro, Jujutsu Kaisen’s Deuteragonist

Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen
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In JJK Season 1, Megumi Fushiguro is the one who sensed Yuji Itadori’s powers at the start. To be precise, he somehow becomes the reason for Itadori being a part of the Jujutsu High’s world. At the beginning of the story, we learn that Sukuna has waited more than 1,000 years to possess a potent sorcerer’s body that can help him rule the entire world.

When Yuji Itadori eats the first rotten finger of the King of Curses, Sukuna sees his dream coming true, initially. However, soon, he realized that Itadori had the potency to resist him from taking the full power of his body. So, when he observed Megumi Fushiguro, he started thinking of the ways he could take control of the deuteragonist’s body.

Megumi and Tsumiki Fushiguro were the biological children of Toji Fushiguro, the assassin who killed the Star Plasma Vessel in the Hidden Inventory Arc (aka Gojo’s Past Arc). However, we know that Toji never showed him any fatherly love. The brother and sister duo were found by Gojo Satoru, who eventually nurtured them and helped them become good human beings.

Megumi has had a reserved persona since childhood, which is why he was frequently spotted getting irritated by Nobara and Yuji’s goofy antics. Megumi developed a sense of right and wrong during his time at Jujutsu High, so he always believed in his instincts instead of others.

Why Megumi Deserves His Own Spin-Off Manga?

Megumi seemed special, not only to the Jujutsu Kaisen characters but also to the worldwide fandom. Here, we have discussed why he is worthy of his own Spin-Off manga.

Megumi’s Childhood Remains a Mystery

Megumi from Jujutsu Kaisen
Image Courtesy: MAPPA

After Toji abandoned Megumi, he was raised by Gojo, but we never get to see the challenges he faced while growing up. We know that the boy had a dark past, but what happened to him when he came with Gojo and how he acquired so much power and knowledge is still a mystery.

Megumi was born to Toji and a woman whose name was never revealed in the main storyline. All we know is that her surname was Fushiguro, which was taken by Toji. After Megumi’s mother passed away, Toji sold his son to the Zenin Clan, and we don’t know what life was like for the boy under the clan. However, we’ve already seen how they treat Maki Zenin.

Never in the anime or the manga do we see Megumi being curious about his father. That being said, Megumi must have thought of his father when he was under the Zenin Clan.

Megumi could have easily learned about Toji when he got freed from the Zenin clan, but he never tried, or maybe he did, but Gege never focused on that part of the character’s story. If we ever get a spin-off, we might see more depth in Megumi’s childhood and learn how he was so oblivious about his past that he didn’t recognize his father even after coming face to face with him.

Moreover, Megumi briefly reveals in JJK that he never wanted to become a sorcerer, so what exactly motivated him to go down this path? Well, we can learn all that in the spin-off.

Spin-Off Can Give A Fitting Ending to Megumi’s Story

Of course, Megumi is a robust fighter but what makes him win any battle is his brain. He never tries to overwhelm the opponents with his attacks; instead, he always outsmarts them with his analytical skills. He is among those sorcerers who have a vast knowledge of Jujutsu techniques.

Moreover, Megumi boasts a unique ability called the Ten Shadow Techniques, which allows him to summon curses and use them against threats to mankind. However, this very technique made him Sukuna’s target. In the manga, it’s been a while since Sukuna has taken control of Megumi’s body. We all have been focusing on the battle between Sukuna and the sorcerers. We know that Megumi is alive, but we hardly know what he’s going through right now.

Of course, when all of this is over, Megumi might come back and reveal what exactly he felt when an evil entity like Sukuna took control of his body. However, we all know that Gege won’t continue the manga for long, and Megumi’s struggle won’t be the major focus. So, the spin-off might shed some light on Megumi’s state of mind during this entire ordeal.

The author could find a way to give a fitting ending to this character. Maybe, just maybe, when Megumi was suppressed by Sukuna and lost control of his body, he somehow connected with his past. Disconnected from the real world, Megumi may have made peace with his father and learned the truth about his mother. In fact, there’s a chance that Sukuna suppressed and distracted Megumi by revealing the boy’s past.

Toji’s Backstory Could Be the Bonus Addition

Toji from Jujutsu Kaisen
Image Courtesy: MAPPA

Many JJK fans believe that Toji was a good guy who did bad deeds. He was an overpowered character who simply died too early, and we would have loved to see more of him. In fact, we would have loved to see him going against Sukuna.

Well, that won’t be happening in Jujutsu Kaisen, but the spin-off series can reveal more about Toji’s personality, the same persona that captivated every fan when he appeared in JJK Season 2.

Toji loved Megumi’s mother, and it was after her death that he went full-on bad. So, in Megumi’s spin-off, we can learn more about the relationship between Toji and the love of his life. In a way, learning about Toji’s life could be a bonus for fans if we ever get a spin-off around Megumi.

Honestly, there are more than enough mysteries for Gege Akutami to focus solely on Megumi. So, if this character from Jujutsu Kaisen gets his spin-off someday, we would be glad to see all the events from his past life that never found their way out into the main series.

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