Spider-Man 4: Expected Release Window, Rumors & More

It is no secret that Tom Holland is going to make a return as Spider-Man for the upcoming Spider-Man 4 which will take place after the events we saw unfold in No Way Home. Now that no one remembers Peter Parker it could mean that this movie has the opportunity to build something brand new out of the character. If you are excited about Spider-Man 4, here are all the rumors and the expected release date for the movie.

When is Spider-Man 4 Coming Out

When is Spider-Man 4 Coming Out?
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Spider-Man 4 is easily one of the most sought-after movies from Marvel but as of now, it does not have a given release date. Tom Holland last appeared as Spider-Man in No Way Home which became the highest-grossing movie of 2021. Even though we do not have a specified release date for Spider-Man 4, Marvel CEO Kevin Feige explicitly confirmed in February 2023 that the script of this movie is currently being written so, it might go into production by the end of 2024 or mid-2025. Then, we can expect Spider-Man 4 to release sometime around 2026.

What Could Be the Plot of Spider-Man 4

What Could Be The Plot of Spider-Man 4?
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Spider-Man: No Way Home ended with everyone forgetting who Peter Parker is so this gives a lot of legroom to the creators to experiment with stories. The plot of Spider-Man 4 is not yet specified but with the way things ended in 2021, it may revolve around Peter Parker finding a way to remind Ned and MJ who he is.

Who Could be the Villian in Spider-man 4

Now since Green Goblin has been introduced in the main MCU, it can turn out to be a canon towards the introduction of Hob Goblin. There is even a possibility of Scorpion appearing in the movie as well based on him being introduced in Spider-Man: Homecoming. As of now, there is no confirmation if this movie will show us the concept of multiverse or not.

Who is Directing Spider-Man 4

Initially, John Watts was speculated to be directing Spider-Man 4 since he was going to direct Fantastic Four but later on, he stepped down from the movie stating that he needed a break from superhero movies. However, now Marvel seems to be eyeing Sam Raimi to direct the new Spider-Man movie. But, as of now, there is no official confirmation of who is going to be the director of this movie since John Watts stepped down.

What Could Be the Cast of Spider-Man 4

What Could Be The Cast of Spider-Man 4?
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Now when it comes to the cast of Spider-Man 4, we do not have many details about this as well. The only confirmed thing about the cast of this movie is Tom Holland returning in the role of Peter Parker, Zendaya returning in the role of MJ, and Jacob Batalon making a return as Ned. We might also get to see Jon Favreau returning in the role of Happy Hogan. Other than this there is no news or rumor of any new face joining the cast.

Spider-Man 4 Expected Cast

  • Tom Holland– Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Zendaya- MJ
  • Jacob Batalon– Ned
  • Jon Favreau– Happy Hogan
Will there be a Part 4 of Spider-Man?

Tom Holland will be returning for Spider-Man 4. According to Kevin Feige, the script for Spider-Man 4 is currently being written so the movie might begin production soon enough.

Will MJ remember Peter in Spider-Man 4?

No, after the events of No Way Home, MJ will not remember Peter in Spider-Man 4.

Will Zendaya be in Spider-Man 4?

It has been confirmed that Zendaya will be in Spider-Man 4.

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