10 Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend

With the weekend approaching it is time to log out of all your work apps, shut down your laptop, and set camp on your couch with your favorite snacks while you blow some steam off watching great shows and movies. However, choosing the right show or movie might turn out to be a hassle if you are as indecisive as I am. So, to help you find the perfect entertainment, I bring you a list of the 10 movies and TV shows to watch this weekend.

What to Watch This Weekend (June 15 – 17)

1. Sweet Tooth Season 3

Sweet Tooth Season 3
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Sweet Tooth is an apocalyptic show that shows us a world that has been plagued by a deadly virus that has wiped out most of the human population. However, kids born from humans who came in contact with the virus and survived were born with certain animal-like characteristics. The show revolves around Gus, a 10-year-old boy who is part deer. After the death of his father, he sets out on an adventure to find his mother who he believes to be still alive. Season 3 of Sweet Tooth has just been released and this show is definitely worth checking out!

2. The Boys Season 4

The Boys Season 4
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The Boys Season 4 is probably one of the most anticipated releases of June. The season has already released its first three episodes with the season premiere and the next episode is lined up for next week. This season has caused a lot of commotion among fans regarding a major twist about Frenchie or the apparent recast of Mother’s Milk. As of now, the pace of this show is slightly slow but let’s see if it picks up with upcoming episodes.

3. Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2

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Another show that has generated a lot of popularity is Bridgerton Season 3 Part 2 which was released this week. If you are into family dramas and comedies, this show is the best pick for you. Bridgeton takes us back to the Regency era and introduces us to the high-class and powerful Bridgerton family. It revolves around eight siblings of this very family, Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth while each of them navigates through the ups and downs of life.

4. Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2
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After the massive success of Inside Out, the sequel titled Inside Out 2 takes us back to Riley who is now a teenager. Till now, Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust have been doing a wonderful job of dictating Riley’s life. However, as she has grown up new emotions show up taking the wheel of Riley’s life and turning it into an absolute disaster. Will Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust be able to get her life back on track? Watch Inside Out 2 to find out!

5. The Signal

The Signal
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The Signal brings in the family of an astronaut named Paula. One day, she suddenly goes missing and her husband starts looking for her. However, what he thought to be a simple missing person case was way more deeply rooted and sinister hiding within it things he could have never comprehended. This Netflix-bound series is basically a thriller that brings in the elements of a sci-fi adventure within itself and presents to us a perfect mix that you should not miss out on.

6. House of The Dragon Season 2

House of The Dragon
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House of the Dragon is based on the books by George R.R. Martin about the fight for the Iron Throne between the two houses – House Targaryen and House Hightower. Targaryens have ruled for a long time over the kingdom with the help of Dragons.

However, the kingdom is on the verge of civil war for the throne. Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, the daughter of the late King Viserys will face an uphill battle to claim the throne for herself as she faces resistance from the House Hightower. Season 2 of House of The Dragon will lead to a terrifying battle between dragons. HoTD season 2 episode 1 will premiere on June 16 on Max.

7. Ultraman Rising

Ultraman Rising
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Ultraman Rising brings in Ken Sato, a superstar baseball player who takes up the mantle of Ultraman with a dream of becoming a hero to the world. However, his plans go sideways when he has to take care and raise a Kaiju baby who is the child of his greatest enemy. If that is not enough, he also has to protect the newborn Kaiju from the Kaiju Defense Force which is constantly trying to capture it.

8. M3GAN

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If you are afraid of AI, M3GAN is a movie that will send a chill down your spine. This movie revolves around a young girl named Katie who has just lost her parents in a car accident.  Gemma, Katie’s aunt becomes her caretaker but she is a robotics engineer and rarely has time for Katie.

So, to make sure Katie never feels alone, Gemma pairs her with a robot doll named Megan developed to be a companion and bodyguard of kids. However, what was initially thought to be a budding friendship between Megan and Katie and a successful creation, turned out to be Gemma’s worst nightmare.

9. Damsel

Image Courtesy: IMDb

Elodie, a young girl, falls in love with a breathtakingly handsome price and eventually, they decide to get married. However, what Elodie thought to be a fairytale come to life, turns out to be her worst nightmare. She finds out that the prince married her just so he could sacrifice her to a dragon who has been causing havoc in the Kingdom. What she thought to be her happily ever after, turned out to be a fight for survival.

10. Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams

Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams is an anthology of seven different supernatural and Sci-fi stories. Each episode will take you to a mind-bending story told by ordinary people who have faced events they cannot explain and is a pretty good show to binge if you are short on time since there is no concurrent story as such but just a bunch of different stories.

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