Jujutsu Kaisen: Yuji and Sukuna’s Connection Was Evident from the Very Beginning

Following Gojo’s death, almost every good guy tried locking horns with Sukuna, but none of them could affect him as much as our protagonist Yuji did in the recent manga chapters. For instance, in Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 256, Yuji released back-to-back Black Flashes on Sukuna. Even though Sukuna healed himself within seconds, we can say that Yuji’s efforts were not in vain this time.

The fandom is already aware that there is something about Yuji that has felt strange since the beginning of the series. The boy who didn’t have any Curse Technique at the start was able to see the curses roaming in the human world. Isn’t that odd? Moreover, after becoming Sukuna’s vessel, he always had a hold on his body. Some of you might think that it might be due to Yuji’s strong will.

However, if we talk about strong will, it’s worth noting that Megumi also had a will that allowed him to go beyond his limits, but when Sukuna took over his body, he couldn’t control it.

What makes Yuji so special? Well, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 257 is out now and our protagonist’s true identity has been revealed. Here, I’ve shed some light on the same.

Spoiler Warning:

This article includes spoilers for the main story and characters of JJK, so please read the manga up to Chapter 257 or watch the anime to avoid getting spoiled.

Itadori Yuji’s Origin and Relation to Sukuna

Yuji from Jujutsu Kaisen
Image Courtesy: MAPPA

Yuji was the first one to introduce us to JJK manga when it started. However, the latest chapter tells us exactly who he is. From becoming the biggest enemy of the Jujutsu High Society by becoming the human host to Sukuna to becoming the most significant ally of the sorcerers, Yuji has proved his true potential at every step. However, in recent chapters, we saw his awakening like we never did before. So, it’s obvious for everyone to continuously think about him.

Now, released on April 21, Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 257 sees Uraume asking Sukuna if he finds Yuji pretty similar to him. The King of Curses starts explaining that when Sukuna and his twin brother were in their mother’s womb, the former devoured the latter. He did this because he didn’t want to starve to death. Sukuna then makes the biggest jaw-dropping revelation; he says that Jin Itadori (Yuji’s father) was the reincarnation of his twin brother.

Adding to that, he reveals that when Kenjaku (Psuedo Geto) possessed Kaori Itadori (Yuji’s mother) and procreated with Jin, Yuji was born. So, Sukuna and Yuji are connected by blood, which is that’s why the latter has been seen giving the former a tough time. Not only this, but our protagonist is also the only one who can use Sukuna’s cursed technique, i.e. Mizushi aka Malevolent Shrine.

From the very beginning, we have wondered how Yuji kept his body in control after eating several fingers of Sukuna. There was a simple explanation for this: Yuji was somehow connected to Sukuna, but we didn’t know how. Well, that is why Sukuna’s revelation didn’t seem out of place to any fan; in fact, it seems quite fitting to everyone.

Sukuna’s Dark Practice from Ancient Times

Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen
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As I previously mentioned, Sukuna ate his brother when he was in his mother’s womb. Even though the King of Curses was just a fetus, he did the worst thing for the sake of survival – Cannibalism.

Looking at Sukuna and his heartless persona currently, it would be safe to say that he absorbed his brother and his cursed technique so that he doesn’t have to share the powers with anyone else. He wanted to avoid the Maki situation if I had to put it in simple words.

Even though Sukuna is a fictional character, Akutami took inspiration from Japanese folklore where Ryomen Sukuna is a powerful two-faced demon. So, it’s evident why the JJK King of Curses is shown as a narcissist, who sees everyone inferior to him.

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