The Boys Season 4 New Trailer Shows Us How Butcher Will Try to Kill Homelander

The Boys Season 4 New Trailer Tells Us How Butcher Will Kill Homelander
Image Courtesy: YouTube/ Prime Video
In Short
  • A new trailer for The Boys Season 4 is here.
  • It looks like Butcher and his team will use the Gen V Supe-Killing virus to kill Homelander.
  • The Boys season 4 is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on June 13, 2024.

The Boys Season 4 is set to release just next month and in all honesty, I cannot wait for the new season to drop. Some time back the first trailer for The Boys Season 4 was released revealing to us that Jeffery Dean Morgan is going to appear in Season 4. This new trailer was filled with some insane scenes and like many other movies and Shows, did not reveal the whole plot of Season 4. However, this trailer confirmed that William Butcher is dying and the last thing he wants to do is to kill Homelander, and this time, he has the perfect weapon for it as well.

This trailer shows us that The Boys Season 4 is set directly after the events of Gen V with characters like Cate Dunlap and Sam appearing in the Trailer. Now, the most important detail about this trailer is the detail about how Butcher might kill Homelander.

Clips in the trailer show us that The Boys Season 4 will reference Gen V and bring in the Supe-killing virus we saw in Gen V. It seems that in The Boys Season 4, Butcher is going to use this Supe-killing Virus to kill Homelander.

Other than this, the new trailer revealed that this time the threat from Supes is far more grave. Jeffery Dean Morgan seems to be a Federal agent seeking Butcher’s help but we can’t say anything for sure.

Also, the trailer showed us farm animals induced with compound V killing people so before we all start streaming it on June 13, 2024, I’d recommend you to mentally prepare yourself for that or you might develop a fear of sheep.

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