The Boys: Homelander Powers Ranked from Worst to Best

In Short
  • The Boys Season 4 is coming out on June 13, 2024.
  •  Homelander is the most powerful and the most evil character in The Boys.
  • Homelander possesses powers like flight, laser eyes, superhuman strength, etc.

The mere imagination of Superman being the embodiment of evil gives us an idea of the kind of menace he would be. Well, Garth Ennis the creator of The Boys comic series did the same and created Homelander, the polar opposite of Superman. While the comic series was mildly underrated, the live-action adaptation ‘The Boys’ has been going on as a blockbuster for three seasons straight, and has a Season 4 coming out pretty soon. If you have watched The Boys you know how powerful of a being Homelander is. So, in this article let’s talk about the 5 powers Homelander has ranked from worst to best.

6. Super Senses

Homelander Powers (Super Senses)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Along with a plethora of powers Homelander possesses, the least useful of them in the series is his super senses. Throughout all three seasons of The Boys, the least used powers of his are his super senses. He rarely uses them unless he needs to find someone either to blast into pieces or to locate a member of his team, The Seven. In the first season of The Boys, we get to see that Homelander uses his supervision to find the body of Translucent.

This brings us to another point why this is the least powerful of Homelander’s powers. Initially, he was unable to locate translucent because the chest in which his body was disposed of was lined with Zinc, a metal Homelander’s vision cannot penetrate. So, in his arsenal of powers, this one has a known weakness making it rank the lowest in this list.

5. Charisma

Homelander Powers (Charisma)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Among Homelander’s huge arsenal of powers, not all of them have to be superpowers. One of his characteristic powers is his amazing charisma. For a very long time in The Boys, Homelander managed to hold a clean public image. Unlike the rest of his team, who have some dirt on them for their impulsive thoughts and a sense of superiority. Homelander, even after being the worst of them managed to maintain the image of being a savior.

This image of his was very much intact until he was called out for taking the side of a Nazi AKA Stormfront. However, even though this raised a bit of skepticism in people, Homelander successfully stayed the face of The Seven while making people do what he wanted using his charm and of course, his twisted approach.

4. Superhuman Strength

Homelander Powers  (Superhuman Strength)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Since inspired by Superman, Homelander possesses incredible physical strength. However, he does not use it much while engaging in combat. He is good at hand-to-hand combat, but since his other powers allow him to just blast someone’s head off, he prefers to use them instead.

However, as we witnessed in The Boys Season 3, when Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie teamed up to fight Homelander, they were able to overpower him. So, even though he might have superstrength, it is not of much use against a Supe.

3. Flight

Homelander Powers (Flight)
Image Courtesy: The Boys Wiki

One of the best powers Homelander has is his ability to fly. Even if Homelander did not have superstrength his flight would have compensated for it. Homelander can fly at supersonic speeds making him capable of reaching anywhere in a matter of minutes or even seconds. He was able to do the infamous Flight 37 scene because he was the only one who could fly. His ability to fly makes him an even greater threat since you literally cannot outrun a man flying faster than the speed of sound.

2. Laser Eyes

Homelander Powers (Laser Eyes)
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Prime Video

The most used power of Homelander in the series is his laser vision. He has used it to make almost every kill we see in the series; he kills Madelyn Stillwell, his boss, using it. He also used it to kill Supersonic, Starlight’s childhood friend. What makes Homelander’s laser vision even more formidable is the fact that there is quite literally no countermeasure for it.
In theory, you could use a mirror to deflect it but we have not yet seen anyone try this. His laser vision alone is as lethal as it gets but paired with his ability to fly, it makes Homelander an absolute killing machine.

1. Being Indestructible

Homelander Powers (Being Indestructible)
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Having superpowers and all is really cool, but what is the point of you having them if you can either be shot down while flying in the sky, or your eyes could be damaged to prevent you from using laser vision? Homelander’s greatest strength is his being indestructible. No matter how much firepower you have, you cannot put a dent in Homelander by any means.

Even in the comics, no metal, radiation, or rock could hurt Homelander. The only weakness Homelander has is himself. In the comics, a clone of Homelander was made to try and kill him. This is the reason why Soldier Boy could kill Homelander since technically, Homelander is Soldier Boy’s son and they share DNA. Other than this, Homelander is virtually indestructible no matter how powerful of a weapon you have. The Boys Season 4 is releasing on June 13, 2024 and we’re surely excited about it.

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