How Does Homelander Die in The Boys Comics and Who Kills Him

In Short
  • Homelander was killed by Black Noir in The Boys Comics.
  • Black Noir was a clone of Homelander made to kill him if Homelander got out of control.
  • In The Boys show, so far only Soldier Boy and Ryan can kill Homelander.

The Boys Season 4 is here and Homelander has never been as menacing as he is this time. However, even the worst of villains meet their end in due time and so is the case with Homelander. In the comic books, Homelander faced a pretty disgraceful death, which in my opinion is very well-deserved. So, now the question is how did Homelander die and who killed him off in The Boys comics.

Homelander Was Killed by Black Noir in the Comics

Homelander was Killed By Black Noir In The Comics
Image Courtesy: IMDb

Homelander, as seen in The Boys Season 4, is planning a coup to gain control over the entire country which is pretty similar to what he did in the comic books. Even though the storyline the show follows is not linear to the comic books, it does follow a similar base as seen in the comics. In the comic book, it was revealed the Black Noir is a clone of Homelander created by Vought as a failsafe to kill him if Homelander ever gets out of control.

However, Black Noir could not wait to kill Homelander so he committed horrendous crimes dressed as Homelander. Now, that the original Homelander does not recall committing such crimes, he starts believing that he has lost his mind leading him to turn into a psychotic villain.

In the comics, Homelander takes over the Oval Office and as he is going to fight Butcher, Black Noir shows himself and tells Homelander everything. After this, Black Noir and Homelander engage in combat where Black Noir rips Homelander’s guts out, killing him almost instantly. So, in the comics, Homelander was killed by Black Noir, however, it’s highly unlikely that The Boys will follow the same arc. The character of Black Noir was changed recently and there the chances of him killing Homelander in the show are slim. So who can kill Homelander in The Boys TV show?

Ryan or Soldier Boy Could Kill Homelander in The Boys

Ryan or Soldier Boy Could Kill Homelander in The Boys
Image Courtesy: IMDb

At this point, a lot of us want Homelander to die and so far in the show, only two people are strong enough to kill Homelander – Soldier Boy and Ryan. As seen in Season 3, when Queen Maeve became a victim of Soldier Boy’s radiation blast, she lost all her powers. It is possible that later on in The Boys Season 4, or in the next season, Soldier Boy reappears and this time successfully kills Homelander.

Another person who can kill Homelander is his son Ryan. As seen in The Boys Season 4, even though Ryan is rather fond of his father, he still has some conflict about how he operates. He even tells his father that he does not want to be superior but wants to help people. I feel that when Ryan finds out about what Homelander is planning to do, he will turn against him and might even kill him. So, let’s wait and see if we get to see Homelander go down in Season 4, or will we have to wait for another season?

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