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SpaceX Starlink high speed feat.

SpaceX’s Starlink Broadband Beta Testers Are Getting Download Speeds of Over 170 Mbps

Apart from working with NASA to send explorers on the moon and helping Tom Cruise shoot a movie in space, Elon Musk's space research...

SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Internet Launches in Beta; Priced at $99 a Month

A week after successfully launching 60 Starlink 13 mission satellites into orbit, SpaceX has launched the public beta test for its proposed satellite internet...

SpaceX Launches 60 New Starlink Internet Satellites Into Orbit

As part of Elon Musk's plans to offer satellite internet services, SpaceX on Sunday successfully launched 60 Starlink 13 mission satellites into orbit. The...
SpaceX Gets FCC's Support For Launching Satellite Broadband Service

SpaceX Gets FCC Approval for Satellite-Based Starlink Broadband Network

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has approved SpaceX's ambitions plan to launch thousands of satellites into orbit to operate a satellite-based broadband network...