SpaceX’s Starlink Broadband Beta Testers Are Getting Download Speeds of Over 170 Mbps

SpaceX Starlink high speed feat.

Apart from working with NASA to send explorers on the moon and helping Tom Cruise shoot a movie in space, Elon Musk’s space research organization, SpaceX has also been developing a massive network of satellites to deliver high-speed internet connections. Late last month, the company launched the “Better Than Nothing” beta program for its Starlink network. Now, users are reporting that they are getting way better download speeds than they ever got.

According to recent reports, users, who have signed up for the beta program of SpaceX’s Starlink internet network, are getting download speeds of over 160 Mbps. This, as per the report, is faster than 95% of the internet networks in the States.

One of the beta users of the Starlink network, u/Hrizzle, recently shared a screenshot of a speed test from Ookla. According to the screenshot, the user is getting download speeds of 174 Mbps and upload speeds of 33 Mbps. This is surprising because the company promises download and upload speeds up to 150Mbps and 50Mbps respectively.

Starlink speed test ss
Image: u/Hrizzle

So, with these speeds, one will be able to download movies and TV shows in 4K in no time and will also get a high-speed browsing experience. The user who shared the screenshot above wrote: “Way out in rural Montana where our alternative is to pay by the gig. Starlink will forever change the game.”

Now, although the Starink network is currently in beta, delivering high speeds is not an issue for the providers. This is mainly because the Starlink network relies on a massive cluster of satellites, which SpaceX plans to expand in the future.

VIA Business Insider
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