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Sleevenote music player feat.

This Square-Shaped Music Player Is Designed for Album Covers

I don't about you, but I, for one, used to be crazy about album covers of songs from different artists. I remember sitting down...
AI Artists feat.

“AI Artists” Wrote Songs More Emotional than Adele or Johnny Cash

It is 2020 now and we are living in a world in which AI has taken up many roles like taking care of our...
Researchers Store Music Album on DNA to Celebrate Its 20th Anniversary

Massive Attack’s ‘Mezzanine’ Gets Stored on DNA To Mark Its 20th Anniversary

DNA, the molecule that stores genetic data in living beings, has been of special interest to computer scientists. This is because DNA can store...

10 Best Android Music Players You Can Use

Modern day Android phones (and iPhones) come with great audio capabilities, there are devices with stereo speakers, Dolby Atmos support and what not. So,...
How to set sleep timer on Android and iPhone

6 Best Music Apps That Let You Take Your Music Offline

Music streaming is certainly very cool, as it lets you access and discover new music you like on the go. However, it's not always the best...
organize music with the help of ID3 tags

How to Identify Songs Without Knowing the Lyrics

There are times when we hear this amazing song that we instantly fall in love with on the FM or at a party and we would love to...
Spotify Alternatives 2016

Top 10 Spotify Alternatives You Can Try

The music industry is an ever-changing landscape. There’s always the new way to distribute music from the artist to the audience. After the declining trends...
organize music with the help of ID3 tags

How to Organize Music Library on Your PC

Of the innumerable files (and other data) we have stored on our PCs, a very large number contribute to our digital music collection. Granted,...
Fun and Free Music Makers for iPhone and iPad

Fun and Free Music Makers for iPhone and iPad

It’s no secret that the late Steve Jobs loved music, that’s why music has a special place in Apple’s ecosystem. Garageband, iTunes, Apple Music,...

10 Best Music Player Apps for Android

The way we listen to music has changed a lot over the years. Our music players have been replaced by smartphones, which are much...

8 Best Rdio Alternatives You Must Try

Rdio is all set to be shutdown and it's sad, considering many of us really loved the service. We recently came across the news that...
15 Best Music Streaming Sites

15 Best Music Streaming Sites and Internet Radio

Music is what keeps us liberated from all the worries in the world and that's why it's important we listen to quality music. Online...