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Robot Dog "SpotMini" By Boston Dynamics Will Be Up For Sale Next Year

Boston Dynamics’ Humanoid Robots are Scaring the Internet With Their Antics, Again

In the recent past, Boston Dynamics's humanoid robots have scared, enthralled and fascinated tech enthusiasts in equal measure after videos of them climbing stairs,...
Robot Dog "SpotMini" By Boston Dynamics Will Be Up For Sale Next Year

The Terrifying Yet Cute ‘SpotMini’ Robot Dog Will Go On Sale Next Year

Boston Dynamics, a company capable of sending chills down the spines of AI critics and conspiracy theorists, is not foreign to anyone who's vigilant...
You Can't Stop Boston Dynamics SpotMini from Opening a Door

No, You Can’t Stop The Boston Dynamics SpotMini Robot from Opening Doors

There are some who say a robot apocalypse is just fear mongering. 'Humans will control the robots,' you say. Wait till you see this. Last...
Boston Dynamics SpotMini

Cute or Terrifying? This Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Can Easily Open Doors

Sometimes you just don't want to know what the future may look like, especially when it may come sooner than you think. After demonstrating the...