The ‘Bittle’ Is a Tiny, Cute Version of the Boston Dynamics Robot-Dog

Petoi bittle feat.

With more and more development in robotics, we have seen developers build some really advanced robots to aid humans in various tasks. We have all seen the terrifying yet cute robot-dog, Spot, from Boston Dynamics ta out in the real world. Now, there is a palm-sized Spot-like robot dog called Bittle that’s made for STEM learning.

STEM learning, if you are unfamiliar, is essentially a curriculum focused on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is used to educate students in the above four disciplines and improve their knowledge about the ever-changing world of tech.

So, to educate children in the field of robotics, the Pittsburg-based robotics company, Petoi, made the Petoi Bittle. It is essentially a tiny robot-dog which can fit in the palm of your hands. The developers say that it is not a toy for small kids, but a perfect tool for teaching and learning the basics of robotics and electrical assemblies.

To start off with Bittle, users need to assemble its puzzle-like frame and then download the necessary demo codes from Petoi’s GitHub repository.

Petoi bittle 1

Following the initial setup process, users can then program the robot to perform various tricks. They can even win some exciting prizes for their customized Bittle in various community challenges.

Now, as the tiny robot-dog is built upon an open platform, users can combine multiple gadgets and components into one ecosystem. The company also developed a custom Arduino circuit board for Bittle, which enables users to add various other sensors to the robot, to improve its capabilities.

Moreover, users can also add artificial intelligence (AI)-based skills by adding a Raspberry Pi or any other AI chipsets.

Petoi is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for collecting funds for their project. So, you can pre-order your “Bittle” for a discounted price of $250 (~Rs. 18,367) from their campaign page. The company will start shipping the robots from January 2021.

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