Poison Pokemon: Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • If you have a Poison Pokemon, they are extremely effective against Grass and Fairy-type Pokemon as of generation six.
  • Similarly, they perform worse against Ground and Psychic-type Pokemon as of generation six.
  • However, they have resisted fighting, poison, bugs, grass, and fairy-type Pokemon since generation six.

Since we have covered some popular Pokemon elements, it is time to discuss Poison. It’s another of my favorites, and it comes with its set of interesting advantages and disadvantages. However, if you’re a new player in Pokemon GO, this element type might not make sense immediately. To help you with that and then some, we have compiled a dedicated guide for Poison Pokemon. So, with that, let’s begin!

Poison Pokemon Strengths

Poison Pokemon strengths from Generation six onwards.jpg
Poison Pokemon strengths from Generation Six onwards

Poison Pokemon have changed their strength properties over the years compared to others. When the first generation of Pokemon came out, a Poison Pokemon was extremely effective against a Bug and Grass-type Pokemon. This means your Koffin will fare well against a Bulbasaur or Scyther in most cases.

Then, when generations two, three, four, and five rolled out, these monsters were only good against a Grass Pokemon. However, bug types were somehow ineffective for the most part. It might be a case of Game Freak experimenting with the monster-type in-game.

Finally, from generation six onwards, Poison monsters have only been powerful enough to fight against a Grass and Fairy-type. The grass type has always stayed constant throughout the years. However, the second element type is what has changed within two generations. So take the final strengths as the ultimate Poison Pokemon strengths.

Poison Pokemon Weaknesses

Poison Pokemon weaknesses from Generation Six onwards
Poison Pokemon weaknesses from Generation Six onwards

Similar to its strengths, Poison monsters have also had changes to their weaknesses across different generations. A Koffin would perform badly against Ground, Bug, and Psychic-type monsters when the first generation rolled out.

However, their weaknesses changed to Ground and Psychic Types during generations two, three, four, and five. This means that a Koffin will have trouble fighting against an Alakazam.

The weakness has changed from generation six to Ground and Psychic type Pokemon. So, if it is one with both of these properties, your Poison-type will have difficulty fighting against them.

Poison Pokemon Resistance

In the first generation, a Poison monster resisted Fighting fellow Poison-types and Grass-Types. When the later generations rolled in, the resistance changed from the above three to Ground-type, Rock-Type, and Ghost-type. However, poison types remained untouched.

Finally, from generation six onwards, the list of elements a Poison-type resists includes Fighting-type, Bug-type, Grass-type, Fairy-type, and Poison-type. The first-generation resistant made a comeback, alongside two new ones.

That’s everything you should know about poison-type Pokemon in Pokemon. These elements are similar in every game, regardless of whether you are playing the latest Pokemon on Nintendo Switch or enjoying Pokemon GO.

Do you happen to own Poison type Pokemon? Let me know in the comments below!

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