Can You Respec and Reset Skill Points in Starfield?

Skill respec has become a standard feature in modern RPGs. This feature allows you to experiment with the game by min-maxing the skill tree to create an optimal build, one that’s suited to your liking and playstyle. Naturally, with the release of Starfield, players are wondering if Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG allows you to respec your skill points. After all, it is a vast RPG and has a massive skill tree. In this guide, let’s find the answer to your question and learn if you can respec and reassign skills points in Starfield.

Can You Respec Your Skill Points in Starfield?

Respec the skill point in Starfield

The definite and short answer to your question is no. You cannot respec your character’s skills in Starfield under any circumstances. While you receive a single skill point with each level up in Starfield, you have to be careful and selection about the skill you wish to unlock.

Naturally, given the nature of the game, you would want to experiment with the different skills available in-game. Unfortunately, it is not a possibility here, and it seems Bethesda wants you to stick to your guns and play with the options you select the first time around.

This brings up the point of haphazardly unlocking anything and everything. Don’t. Unlock the essentials required for you to perform well in the beginning hours. For example, you need to unlock the corresponding skill to be able to use a boost pack in Starfield (it’s essentially a jet pack). If you don’t, you will be stuck with an unusable boost pack until you get the next skill point. Hence, please read the skill descriptions properly before you unlock a skill. Give it a thought!

Of course, console commands exist in Starfield, and they will allow you to reset your skill progression while retaining the spent skill points for re-assignments. However, even if something like that exists, we strongly suggest against it. Unless you are sure, console commands can potentially break your save file, ruining hours of experience. On the flip side, modders are already solving the respec issue, allowing you to unlock all skills using the best Starfield mods.

Does Starfield Have a Level Cap in Place?

Additionally, much like the Elder Scrolls games, there is no level cap in Starfield. You can keep unlocking the skill tree in its entirety. Just keep assigning the points to your desired skill point when you receive it. However, with each completed skill, the requirements for the skill points also increase. So, if you finish the top row of skills, the following skills will naturally require more than one skill point to unlock.

Now, if you are wondering if you can unlock everything in the first playthrough, do not worry. The game includes a ‘New Game Plus’ mode that allows you to continue playing the game even after you’re done with the main story or side quests. While you are here, learn how long it will take to beat Starfield. So, basically, New Game Plus lets you continue spending skill points and improving your character. And every skill carries over from your first playthrough. Sounds like a win-win to me.

So, while Starfield does not allow you to respec skill points, no level-cap and New Game Plus make it a non-issue. Still, remember to unlock the essentials first, then go for the other skills. So, which skills do you plan to unlock first? Let us know in the comments below.

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