Starfield Length: How Long to Beat the Game?

It is no secret that RPG games are massive; each adventure is chock full of rich, vivid missions and characters. As such, it is all but natural that these games would span dozens of hours in length. Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG Starfield opened to such anticipation too. As millions around the world have begun choosing the best Starfield backgrounds and traits to build their in-game character, a question emerges in everyone’s mind, and that is — how long does it take to beat Starfield? Whether you are starting out with the game or midway through, we are here to answer that. So keep reading as we tell you how long it takes to beat Starfield’s main story and how long it takes to do all the side quests as well as explore the cosmos for a completionist run.

How Long Will It Take to Beat Starfield

While we are still working on our playthrough of Starfield, we were curious about its length, too, and did some digging around. After going through dozens of reviewers, we found that it will realistically take anywhere from 15-20 hours to complete Starfield’s main story.

While this might seem less than what you have read online, note that this length only includes the main quests played at a fast pace. This was the experience of most gamers and was confirmed by Howlongtobeat, a popular game-length data portal.

Story TypeTime to Beat
Main Story 15-20 Hours
Main Story + Sides50-70 Hours
Completionist180+ Hours
Average Time 39 Hours

As shown above, the length to beat Starfield will dramatically increase as soon as you account for all the other activities in the game. Since Starfield is a Bethesda game, it stands to reason it is absolutely massive. This includes all the side quests players receive, along with faction quests and even various activities. Furthermore, we haven’t accounted for all the time you will spend simply exploring the cosmos.

How Long Will It Take to Fully Beat Starfield

Depending on how you are as a gamer, you might like to speedrun Starfield or take your time playing it. Nonetheless, most players online have clocked in 50-70 hours to beat the game and all its sidequests. However, completionists obsessed with crossing everything off their list might even take upwards of 180 hours to finish Starfield in its entirety (completionist run).

Starfield Length: How Long to Beat the Game?

Furthermore, as mentioned above, one can spend dozens of hours exploring all the Starfield planets and star Systems, thereby sinking even more time into an already long game. And we haven’t even touched upon the fact that the game has even more creative freedom, as you can build and customize your own settlements, which will take even more time.

However, the good news is that a lot of people claim that the game actually begins once you’ve finished the main story. This was confirmed by Bethesda executive Pete Hines, who said, ‘The action didn’t get going until he was about 130 hours into the game‘, which is insane to hear. So, for the players worried about Starfield’s length and thought it would be easy to beat, you have your work cut out for you.

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