Sony PlayStation State of Play Possibly Leaked; See Games List Here

PlayStation State of Play Cover
Image Source: Sony PlayStation
In Short
  • According to an X (formerly Twitter) post by a gaming insider, the PlayStation State of Play event might happen on January 31, 2024.
  • In this event, PlayStation showcases their upcoming games in development and their potential release dates or previews.
  • As per the post, games like Rise of the Ronin, Death Stranding 2, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Sonic Game, Silent Hill 2, Until Dawn Remaster, and more will be showcased.

It has not been a month going in 2024, and the gaming giants can’t catch a break! According to some potential leaked details, PlayStation might close January with its State of Play event. While we were already happy with previews of games like Indiana Jones and Hellblade 2 in the Xbox Developer Direct earlier this month, the upcoming State of Play packs a lot of new announcements.

The details come from an X (formerly Twitter) cryptic post from the gaming industry insider @Shpeshal_Nick. According to the post, the PlayStation State of Play might be within a week on January 31st.

“On the 31st (roughly), Ronins will Rise, we’ll die stranded, have a rebirth and Kojima will fulfil his dream. Sonic will live in the shadow of his generation while the hills will remain silent until the dawn when you’ll need to catch the metro. Just don’t be a Judas about it.”

However, this leaked date is something up in the air, as there has been no official word from Sony about it. Besides the date, though, we even have possible details on some of the leaked announcements!

PlayStation State of Play: Upcoming Games

Although the date of the event is a rough prediction as per the post, the contents of the event are very clear. We deciphered the cryptic lines and devised the possible games that might be showcased in the upcoming PlayStation State of Play.

  • Rise of the Ronin
  • Death Stranding 2
  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
  • Sonic Game (potentially Sonic Generations Remastered)
  • Silent Hill 2
  • Until Dawn Remaster
  • New Metro game
  • Judas (Ken Levine’s new game)
Rise of the Ronin State of Play
Image Source: Sony PlayStation

With these potential games showcased, we might not see a game that has been teased by PlayStation for months in Stellar Blade. The only question remains if this is the final list or if PlayStation might add more games to the showcase list. Only time will tell us.

As a fan of games like Until Dawn or Silent Hill, I am excited about both new games and the remasters. We already know how good the PlayStation remasters are. Nonetheless, if the event date is true, all eyes will be on PlayStation and 2024 will be starting with bangers from both Xbox and PlayStation.

State of Play event is one of the best showcase events by PlayStation. The last event was in September 2023. In the previous one, we saw a glimpse of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, and many more. This State of Play might give us the potential release date, glimpse, or baby steps behind the potential games in development at the factory of games in Sony.

What do you think of the leaked contents coming in the State of Play event? Do you want something else before the games listed? Tell us in the comments below.

SOURCE X/@Shpeshal_Nick
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