We Finally Have a First Look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle!

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In Short
  • A first look at Indiana Jones and the Great Circle has been shown at the Xbox Developer Direct 2024.
  • The gameplay trailer shows a mixture of elements, including traversal, level design, combat, stealth, and more.
  • The game will be released sometime in 2024 on PC and Xbox consoles.

Anyone who has grown up wanting to be an explorer has dreamed of being Indiana Jones. Ever since it was announced, adventure gamers everywhere have been waiting for any information on the next Indy game. Well, we finally have the official gameplay footage for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.

Officially revealed in the Xbox Developer Direct 2024 last night, a first look of Indiana Jones and the Great Circle has been shown off. Spanning just over three minutes, the gameplay reveal trailer starts off by showing a young Indy being stuck in a hole in Africa amongst Nazis.

The gameplay then moves onto Indiana, passing through various lush levels, underground tombs, and places infested by enemies. As is expected, we also see Indy solving various puzzles and sneaking behind enemies. However, the highlight of the trailer is Indiana using his whip to eliminate enemies and using it to swing across places.

Indiana using his whip in game

The game will be a first-person experience to enhance the level of realism and adventure. MachineGames and Bethesda mention that this will give players a chance to ‘truly become Indy.’

The story itself is set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Indiana finds himself in yet another race for artifacts and possibly connecting all of the wonders together to solve a mystery. The official Bethesda blog mentions that players will venture from areas like the Vatican to even Egypt, sunken temples and even the Himalayas in search of Indy’s journey.

Indiana Jones Level design

Besides Indiana, two other characters have been shown off. This includes the mastermind villain, Emmerich Voss, and a reporter named Gina helping the protagonist out. Indiana Jones himself is modeled after a young Harrison Ford. However, it’s worth noting that the much-loved Troy Baker has voiced the protagonist, making it all the better.

While everyone is excited about this one-in-a-lifetime type of game, this is not the first Lucasfilm collaboration. The studio has released previous tie-up games, including the likes of the Star Wars franchise with Respawn. However, Bethesda boss Todd Howard is at the helm this time, which makes things quite interesting.

Indiana Jones and The Great Circle: Release Date

Unfortunately, none of the developers or publishers have given an exact release date for the upcoming Indiana Game. However, the gameplay trailer mentions a 2024 release. Furthermore, it has been promised that we will get the game ‘before the new year,’ which brings hope.

The game will be released for PC and Xbox consoles when it comes out. While it was due to come for PS5, that has changed with Xbox’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media.

Nonetheless, having the opportunity to step into the shoes of Indiana Jones will be an amazing experience. How about you? Are you excited for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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