New Sony PlayStation Handheld in Development, Claims Rumor

portable sony playstation gaming console
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In Short
  • PlayStation Handheld could be released alongside the PlayStation 6 gaming consoles, but it isn't expected until after the PS5 Pro comes out.
  • AMD has reportedly secured contracts from Sony for next-gen gaming consoles including the Vita 2/next-gen PlayStation Handheld.
  • The rumor states it is "100% confirm" that the new handheld is in "early development."

A new Sony PlayStation Portable or PS Vita hasn’t arrived in quite some time, leading us to think that the portable PlayStation handheld is dead. However, fresh hope has come up as a new PlayStation handheld console is reportedly in development, and a custom AMD processor could power it.

The news comes via YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead, who claims through his sources that a new portable PlayStation handheld gaming console is in “early development.” There is no design in mind for it yet, either. This is going to be super different from the recently unveiled PlayStation Portal Remote Player, which is just a cloud gaming device and does not actually run games natively.

Image Courtesy: Moore’s Law is Dead

According to MLID, Sony has already given the chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) a green light to develop next-generation chips for new PlayStation gaming consoles. This includes the PlayStation 6 and the rumored portable PlayStation Handheld gaming console.

When it comes to internal specifications for the next PS handheld, a next-generation AMD processor, which will be an APU (Advanced Processing Unit), is expected to power the upcoming handheld. It could come with 18 Compute Units (CUs).

The GPU clock speed may run at 1.8GHz or lower, based on how the PS5’s APU functions. Sources of MLID, which are game developers, have also said that it could maintain backward compatibility with PS4 digital games.

It is also stated in the leak that this rumored PlayStation Handheld gaming console could be released alongside the PS6. What is it called exactly? We don’t know for sure yet, but the name Vita 2 & PlayStation Handheld is being thrown around as a way to refer to the next-gen gaming console.

PlayStation Portal Remote Player | Image Courtesy: Sony

There is naturally no release date for this upcoming next-gen handheld. However, since the device might be in early development, it will naturally take some time. Do keep in mind that all these are very early rumors. The PlayStation 5 Pro, if released, will probably come out before this handheld even gets confirmed by Sony. As such, take all these reports with a massive grain of salt!

What are your thoughts on a new PlayStation Handheld? I love portable gaming handhelds and have reviewed the ROG Ally. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE Moore's Law is Dead
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