Snapchat Now Watermarks AI-generated Images

Snapchat watermark preview
In Short
  • Snapchat will add a watermark to images created with the platform's AI features.
  • The watermark on AI-generated images will contain the Snap ghost with a few sparkles.
  • The inclusion of a watermark will alert the users that the image is created with AI preventing the spread of misinformation.

Snapchat started integrating generative AI features well before any other social media platform. The app introduced several new features like the My AI chatbot, AI Dreams, Extend Snaps, and AI Snaps feature. This also lets users create almost realistic images that can be used to spread misinformation on the platform. To remedy this issue, Snapchat is adding watermarks to AI-generated images on the app.

As mentioned on Snapchat’s support page, these watermarks will appear as the Snapchat ghost with a few sparkles. This watermark will appear when the user exports an image generated with AI features like AI Snap and Dreams. However, it is unclear whether this will be the case with other AI features. Like, Extend Snaps that alter an original image with the help of AI.

Watermark shown in an image created in Snapchat with AI
Image Courtesy: Snapchat

You can see from the screenshot above how the watermark will look in a picture created with AI in Snapchat. This measure aims to inform users of the image’s artificial origin, promoting transparency and preventing the spread of misinformation.

Some other platforms, like Meta AI, are also adding watermarks as the chances of misinformation spreading through these images are quite high. We have already seen some cases where people caused a frenzy on social media with AI-altered photos.

The introduction of watermarks was a much-needed precaution, as you can get true-to-life images with the correct prompt. I would have preferred the app to keep the watermark on the image even when it was not exported. Users don’t need to leave the app to create images that can be used to spread misinformation. They can do it by creating a story or a Snap within the app and sharing it in their network.

As the use of generative AI grows in social media apps, the need for such measures and precautions becomes increasingly necessary. What are your thoughts about the addition of watermarks in Snapchat? Do let us know in the comments.

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