What Does ASL Mean on Snapchat?

In Short
  • ASL on Snapchat means Age/sex/location.
  • It is a way of asking the basic details of the person that you are chatting with and haven't known before.
  • The term could also be used differently depending on the context of the conversation

Did you recently add a stranger on Snapchat and the first text they hit you up with is “ASL” leaving you wondering what is this cryptic combination of letters? Don’t worry, we’ll act as your Snapchat wingman and help you explain the meaning of the term “ASL”. We will also discuss the ways you can respond to it.

Meaning of ASL on Snapchat

The term “ASL” means Age, Sex, Location on Snapchat. It is a way for people to ask the other person to introduce themselves. They want to know how old you are, your gender, and where are you from. It’s a quick way to get basic details about the stranger you are texting with on Snapchat. This way, you also don’t come off as creepy.

ASL Chat on Snapchat

Other Meanings of ASL on Snapchat

Some people also use “asl” as a contraction of “as hell”. This is used to express your emotions in an emphasized manner. Like, one can say, ” I am tired asl after class”, or “You look beautiful asl”. This one makes sense only when you are chatting with someone you already know, like a friend of yours.

ASL Alternate Meaning

Finally, ASL or asl may refer to American Sign Language. This would be the case if you are talking to someone who is disabled, and they want to know whether you understand sign language.

American Sign Language Abbreviation on Snapchat

How to Respond to an ASL

If someone texts you “ASL” on Snapchat, then respond to the message, depending on the context of the conversation. Here are a few examples of different situations.

  • When chatting with a complete stranger, you can respond with your name, gender, and the city or state you live in. Example: 22/Male/Kentucky
  • If talking to a friend on Snapchat, and they use “asl” in a sentence, then it would mean “as hell” in this context. Reply to them as you would typically reply to their message.
  • When a disabled person texts you ASL, ask them whether they mean American Sign Language. If they do, then answer if you know it or not.
  • In case someone sends you “Asl” or “asl” in lowercase, then ask them if they mean Age/Sex/Gender to clear any confusion.

How to Use ASL Yourself on Snapchat

As we explained, ASL is a quick way to introduce yourself and learn a few things about the other person on Snapchat. To learn more details about the person you are texting, send them a simple “ASL?”. They will send in their age, gender, and location, and you can continue the conversation further based on that.

This is how you properly use the term “ASL” and respond to it on Snapchat. This is a good conversation starter and helps to make it open up to someone you don’t know very well. But be careful when adding or texting with strangers on any social media platform, let alone Snapchat. If you want to learn about other terms like GTS or SFS on Snapchat, then you can read our guides on the same.

In case you have any other doubts or found this guide helpful, then do let us know in the comments.

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