Screen sharing is a feature that I have always wanted and thanks to this pandemic, every communication app is adding this sought-after feature. Now, you can share your screen on Android and iOS devices while video calling on Facebook Messenger. You can share the screen in a one-to-one video call or in a group of 8 users. And if you are using the new Messenger Rooms feature then you can share the screen with 16 participants.

The best part about this new addition is that it’s available on a mainstream consumer app, unlike many enterprise video calling solutions. It will greatly help users who want to demonstrate how to do certain things to their non-tech-savvy friends and also allow them to co-browse the web. So with that in mind, let’s go ahead and learn how to share screen while video calling on Facebook Messenger.

Screen Sharing on Facebook Messenger

1. First of all, start a video call with your contact. After that, swipe up the pill and you will find the “Share Your Screen” option. Tap on it.

Share Screen While Video Calling on Messenger

2. You will be asked to allow screen sharing. Select “Start Now“.

screen sharing

3. Instantly, screen sharing will start on your device. Keep in mind, screen sharing will not start as long as you are on Facebook Messenger. The moment you move to the home screen or another app, screen sharing will kick in.

Share Screen While Video Calling on Messenger

4. You can also disable screen sharing and switch to the front camera from the PiP window.

Share Your Screen on Android and iOS Devices

So that is how you can share the screen on both Android and iOS devices with Facebook Messenger. In my testing, the screen sharing functionality was flawless and there was very little latency which, to be frank, is expected. I would not recommend it for taking online classes, but if you want to help your friends and family with some smartphone tutorial then it’s a great option. Also, you can use it to co-browse the web. Anyway, that is all from us. If you want to learn more about Facebook Messenger tips and tricks then you can go through our linked article.