Real-Life Images of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Allegedly Leaked!

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is an eagerly awaited flagship. Touted to rival the iPhone 15 Pro Max, there are a lot of expectations from it. We have already been hearing rumors about the S24 Ultra recently and have even seen renders prior to this leak.

However, for the first time, we get to see the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in real life. Do remember that Samsung has not yet talked about this new phone. Still, the renowned leaker @UniverseIce on X (formerly Twitter) has doubled down on this fresh leak concerning the S24 Ultra and stated that “it has been confirmed that this is the real Galaxy S24 Ultra“.

Still, it is best to treat these images with heavy speculation. The leaked images were originally shared on X (formerly Twitter) by the user David Martin. Check out the eye candy below! If what we see is true, the S24 Ultra is coming with a flat display for the first time instead of a curved one. The rest of the phone definitely looks very similar to the S23 Ultra & S22 Ultra that were launched previously by Samsung.

Image Courtesy: David Martin/X

As for a speculated release date, there was a previous leak talking about it. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is also expected to feature a highly improved camera setup. As always, Samsung is expected to upgrade the zoom capabilities even further on the new phone.

Furthermore, the camera upgrade leak also stated that we expect to see a 200MP camera sensor. Talking about the body & design, a titanium frame is possibly happening on the S24 Ultra, just like the latest iPhone. Of course, being a Samsung flagship, it should also feature S-Pen support.

What are your expectations from the Galaxy S24 Ultra? Do you think it will be a featureful smartphone packing innovative upgrades, and people won’t mind the rumored flat display? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Have the Burgundy S22 Ultra. Effing love that curved display. I absolutely love curved displays. Would be a real bummer if Samsung ditches it for a flat one.

    1 expectation I have from the S24 lineup [and not just the Ultra in particular], is that Samsung promises 6-7 years of OneUI OS Updates. Now that Google has upped the ante, Samsung’s S Series [at least], cannot afford to fall behind.

    The reason Samsung’s S Series if flailing is because when a person [especially in India] is throwing that much money for a phone, they do expect it to last for a while, and when they see that for a similar price, an iPhone is giving 2-3 years of more OS Updates, it subconsciously makes the iPhone seem more value for money.

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