7 Best Roblox Games like Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is arguably one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform. With constant updates and new content for players every few months, it has garnered a huge base. Despite so much content, some players complete the game fast and wait for something new. If you are one such rusher searching for games like Blox Fruits on Roblox, your search ends here. We have compiled games that give you the One Piece experience of battling enemies, collecting devil fruits, and becoming the ultimate pirate king. So, without wasting any time, let us jump right into the Roblox games you must try if you are a Blox Fruits player.

1. Pixel Piece

Blox Fruits like pixelated games Pixel Piece
Image Courtesy: Roblox/Pixel Piece_

Although Pixel Piece is not exactly what you get in Blox Fruits, it is unique in its ways. You get to experience being a pirate king or your journey to be a pirate king but on a pixelated island.

Apart from the pixelated retro fun Pixel Piece gives you, it also gives you similar action-adventure vibes. The game is also rife with skills and movesets for even more variety. So, if you want to enjoy a One Piece-like game in a pixelated world, try this game now.

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2. One Fruit Simulator

Image Courtesy: Roblox/Digital Sea

The name should already give you an idea about this game. While there are a lot of elements that make One Fruit Simulator, aka One Fruit, a good Blox Fruits-like game, the focal point is the devil fruits.

Unlike the fruits of Blox Fruits, One Fruit Simulator consists of so many different types of fruits already. Although the game might not be good overall due to many limitations on the action part, it is nonetheless worth your time.

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3. Haze Piece

Image Courtesy: Roblox/Holy Developer Council.

Formerly known as Project New World, Haze Piece comes with the option of you choosing your side. You can become a pirate king as in any other One Piece-like game, or you can choose to be a marine, which is equally fun.

However, the game is not as rich when it comes to the story or overall content. However, it is still in beta, so it’s worth a shot, as new content will definitely be introduced in the future. You can also enjoy Haze Piece on Xbox and Mobile versions of Roblox, so try it.

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4. Fruit Battlegrounds

Image Courtesy: Roblox/P O P O

Fruit Battlegrounds is one of the games in this list with regular content and updates. With the new world and boss, it has also received a new devil fruits option. Despite being an alpha build, Fruit Battlegrounds regularly offers you a ton of unique content. However, that also means you might encounter some bugs from time to time.

As the game allows you to play with friends and become pirate kings together, it is a must-try if you want to experience something like Blox Fruits on Roblox. Fruit Battlegrounds occasionally runs a 2x EXP campaign. If you’re lucky enough, you will get the benefits.

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5. Grand Piece Online

Image Courtesy: Roblox/Grand Quest Games

Grand Piece Online or Grand Piece is a grand One Piece experience. Despite being another Blox Fruits-like game, it comes with a lot of unique gameplay mechanics. In Grand Piece, you go on a full-scale adventure and find hidden locations to get powerful weapons, abilities, and devil fruits.

The game also allows you to create a crew or join one to be involved in pirate or marine activities. The only reason Grand Piece did not make our top choice is because the game is still not supported on mobile devices. However, if you are using any other platform, join the adventure now.

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6. King Legacy

Image Courtesy: Roblox/Venture Lagoons

King Legacy is one of the best One Piece experiences in a Roblox game. It has everything from hype battle scenarios to tons of effective devil fruits you can keep in your arsenal. The game also offers you a variety of maps and worlds to explore.

However, the complexity of King Legacy makes it less unlikely for beginners to try. If you have experienced games like Blox Fruits before, King Legacy is a perfect fit for a veteran like you. Beginners should stick to the choices above.

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7. The Strongest Battlegrounds

Image Courtesy: Roblox/Yielding Arts

The Strongest Battlegrounds is the ultimate destination if you want to be the most powerful. It has all the One Piece material that you get in Blox Fruits. From the fighting sequences to collecting fruits, you will not miss anything.

The game also has a huge active player base. This means more opponents for you to defeat. Now grab yourself some good Roblox Shirts and jump into the adventures of One Piece in The Strongest Battlegrounds. The game is supported on all console, PC, and mobile device versions of Roblox.

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And that was our list of best games like Blox Fruits you can try on Roblox. Have you played any of these games? Let us know about your experience in the comments.

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