Fruit Battlegrounds Codes (June 2024)

There are a plethora of Roblox games out there that are inspired by anime, and Fruit Battlegrounds is one of them. Fruit Battlegrounds is based on One Piece, much like Blox Fruits. However, you need to buy gems to spin the wheel and get these fruits. So, we compile a list of Fruit Battlegrounds codes that will help you get free gems, along with the steps to redeem them.

Update: checked and added new codes on June 1, 2024

New Fruit Battlegrounds Codes in 2024

Working Codes

  • 670AHH: 500 Gems (NEW)
  • ITSTIMEEE: 300 Gems
  • FLYH1GH!: 300 Gems
  • 660ALMOST: 300 Gems
  • 650ISMADD!: 500 Gems
  • AYO640K!: 500 gems
  • JEEZ630: 500 gems
  • WOWZER620!: 500 gems
  • TRUEMENACE: 500 gems
  • ITSTIME!!: 500 gems
  • MOSTH4TED: 500 gems
  • TRUEMENACE: 500 gems
  • THXFOR610!!: 700 gems
  • DAHUNT2024: 500 gems
  • OMG600K!!!: 500 gems
  • HIGH590: 500 gems
  • SPR34DL0V3: 300 gems
  • VALENTINES2024: 400 gems
  • POS1T1V1TY: 500 gems
  • 580FLAMES: 500 gems
  • 570FAVS: 500 gems
  • N3WW0RLD!: 500 gems
  • ILOV3C4NDY: 500 gems
  • HYPEWHOLECAKE: 500 gems
  • LAGFIXX: rewards, Requirement whole cake
  • CLEANREB00T: 480 gems
  • YOOO560: 300 gems

Expired Codes

  • 550POGG
  • 540DAYUM
  • 530GYAT
  • SHEEESH520!!
  • WINTAH2023

How to Redeem Fruit Battlegrounds Codes in Roblox

Follow the steps below to redeem new codes for Fruit Battlegrounds in Roblox:

  • Open the Fruit Battlegrounds experience.
  • Click the treasure chest in the middle of the room.
  • Look for the codes section on the bottom left of your screen.
  • Type a working code in the empty area.
  • Click on the Redeem button.
  • Treasure chest for code redeem
  • Redeem code for free rewards

Additionally, if you want to get better fruits when you spin the wheel, you can get Roblox premium. You can click the Buy button at the bottom of the screen in the Redeem screen to get the premium membership. This will get you a 20% luck boost in Fruit Battlegrounds.

If a code does not work, let us know in the comments below, and we will remove it from our codes list right away. Also, share any codes that we have missed out on in the comments below. While you are here, we also suggest checking out working codes for other Roblox games via our master list.

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    Code “460KRAZY!” or similar excists!

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