How to Level up Fast in Blox Fruits

In Short
  • There are a lot of ways to level up fast in Roblox Blox Fruits including quests that grant you XP.
  • You can choose the perfect Devil Fruit and strategically allocate stat points to dominate enemies and complete quests efficiently.
  • Additionally, fight bosses and participate in epic raid events to earn more experience and become the ultimate pirate king.

Roblox is a platform full of different experiences. However, one of the most popular ones remains Blox Fruits. This ultra-hyped game lets you experience One Piece adventures. While it sounds simple, there are many challenges along the way. From in-game-generated enemies to opponent players, you have to face it all. If you are a new player, you might be looking for ways to level up in the game faster. Well, we are here to help. So, without wasting any time, let’s discuss the best ways to level up fast in Blox Fruits.

1. Complete Quests

Quest Giver in Blox Fruits

Although obvious, quests are the best way to earn XP in Blox Fruits. As the developer adds constant new content, the world grows, offering a steady stream of quests to keep you engaged. Look for Non-Player Characters (NPCs) with question marks over their heads on most islands, as they will present you with new quests.

Listen closely to their instructions and follow the quest marker that pops up on your screen. Even seemingly insignificant quests can give you a significant XP boost, especially if you’re using a double XP boost!

2. Get XP Boosts

XP boosters to level up fast in Blox Fruits

This one is for the players willing to spend some Robux. If you read XP boosts above, you’ll be pleased to know you can level fast in Roblox. Activating a boost will automatically give you more experience with every action you perform in the game. You can also get some free Robux and spend them in the game for an XP boost.

Additionally, Blox Fruits developers share promo codes for free temporary XP boosts. You can use Blox Fruits codes as soon as you enter the game and activate these XP boosts. Ensure you go questing while your boost is active otherwise it will go to waste.

3. Know Island Levels

Blox Fruits first sea map

Now, while you are out questing, remember that defeating the same NPC will not get you enough XP fast. As you keep leveling up in Blox Fruits, you will need to find more islands to conquer. With every new island in Blox Fruits, you find difficult NPCs that give you higher XP when defeated.

We will list all the islands in Blox Fruits below, along with their recommended player level. Only enter an island according to your level to avoid a quick death. You will also find a safe zone in every sea, so use it to your advantage. You should stick to the First Sea in the early game and then move on from there. Have a look at the list below:

The First Sea Islands

  • Starter Pirate Island: 0-10 Level
  • Starter Marine Island: 0-10 Level
  • Jungle: 15-30 Level
  • Pirate Village: 30-60 Level
  • Desert: 60-90 Level
  • Frozen Village: 90-120 Level
  • Middle Island: 100 Level
  • Marine Fortress: 120-150 Level
  • Skylands: 150-200 Level
  • Prison: 190-275 Level
  • Colosseum: 225-300 Level
  • Magma Village: 300 Level
  • Underwater City: 375-450 Level
  • Fountain City: 625-700 Level

The Second Sea Islands

  • The Cafe: Safe zone
  • Usoap’s Island: 700 Level
  • Kingdom of Rose: 700-850 Level
  • Green Zone: 875-925 Level
  • Graveyard: 950-975 Level
  • Mansion: 1000 Level
  • Dark Arena: 1000 Level
  • Snow Mountain: 1000-1050 Level
  • Cursed Ship: 1000-1325 Level
  • Hot and Cold: 1100-1200 Level
  • Ice Castle: 1350-1400 Level
  • Forgotten Island: 1425-1475 Level

The Third Sea Islands

  • Castle on the Sea: Safe zone
  • Port Town: 1500-1575 Level
  • Hydra Island: 1575-1675 Level
  • Great Tree: 1700-1750 Level
  • Floating Turtle: 1775-2000 Level
  • Haunted Castle: 1975-2075 Level
  • Sea of Treats: 2075-2275 Level

4. Buy The Right Devil Fruits

Buy Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits for level up XP farming

Blox Fruits also lets you grab different devil fruits that help you with different abilities. Some of the devil fruits are good for farming XP. Fruits like Buddha or Rocket can help you clear waves of NPCs easily.

That is why we recommend you save money for fruits early and get farming fruits. You can also check the best devil fruits in Blox Fruits to select the one that suits you.

5. Utilise Stat Points Wisely

Stat upgrade in Blox Fruits

Using stat points is an important part of Blox Fruits. Some stats help you with additional melee, sword, or gun damage. You should ensure that you upgrade the stats according to the playstyle you want to continue with.

We recommend that you do not upgrade defense, as it will be less effective than the other stats. Furthermore, be careful with the points in general, as there are only a few ways to reset stats in Blox Fruits. If you have good stats, farming NPCs and leveling up fast will be easier in the game.

6. Conquer Bosses

As an RPG game, Blox Fruits is no stranger to boss fights. As such, one of the best ways to level up fast in Blox Fruits is by defeating bosses. You will encounter multiple bosses in each sea in the game. So, while you are questing in every sea, ensure you have conquered a region’s bosses.

Keep in mind that there is a recommended level for each boss fight. Don’t worry as we will mention all the bosses in Blox Fruits along with their recommended levels below. Defeat them and get a chunk of XP points to level up fast in the game:

The First Sea Bosses

  • Gorilla King: Level 25
  • Bobby: Level 55
  • Yeti: Level 110
  • Mob Leader: Level 120
  • Vice Admiral: Level 130
  • Warden: Level 175
  • Saber Expert: Level 200
  • Chief Warden: Level 200
  • Swan: Level 225
  • Magma Admiral: Level 350
  • Fishman Lord: Level 425
  • Wysper: Level 500
  • Thunder God: Level 575
  • Cyborg: Level 675
  • Ice Admiral: Level 700

The Second Sea Bosses

  • Diamond: Level 750
  • Jeremy: Level 850
  • Fajita: Level 925
  • Don Swan: Level 1000
  • Smoke Admiral: Level 1150
  • Awakened Ice Admiral: Level 1400
  • Tide Keeper: Level 1475

The Third Sea Bosses

  • Stone: Level 1550
  • Island Empress: Level 1675
  • Kilo Admiral: Level 1750
  • Captain Elephant: Level 1875
  • Beautiful Pirate: Level 1950
  • Longma: Level 2000
  • Cake Queen: Level 2175

Last but not least, we have a quick bonus tip for you. We suggest you participate in raid events. These events allow you to earn a lot of XP points. But do make sure you go with other pirates or marines to handle these raids. This will save you time, and your chances of success will be higher.

Here is how you can level up fast in Roblox Blox Fruits. Depending on how much time you can invest in the game, you can use any or all of these tips together. Do you know more tips we missed? Let us know in the comments down below!

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