30 Best Roblox Shirt IDs You Should Try

In Short
  • Roblox Shirt IDs are redeemable codes that provide you with amazing clothing in the game.
  • We have listed all the best Shirt IDs, including BTS, Nike & Spongebob shirts.
  • To redeem the codes, go to the Roblox website and Login ->. Go to the Catalog /ID page and click Buy.

Even a diverse gaming platform like Roblox feels monotonous and normal if you do not rock with the vibes of the game. As anyone will tell you, that funky vibe will only come from donning the best clothes and looking swell. We are here to help with just that. Keep reading as we bring you the best Shirt IDs in Roblox to up your fashion game. So, without further ado, grab the shirt ID codes from the list below and redeem them for use in your next Roblox experience.

Roblox Shirt ID Codes (January 2024)

We list the top Shirt IDs in Roblox that are currently available and in working condition. As always, if any code expires, we will remove them from the list below.

Roblox JacketROBLOX Jacket607785314
Spiderman Roblox ShirtSpiderman9283535775
Denim jacket white shirtDenim Jacket with White Hoodie398633584
Supreme HoodieSupreme Hoodie Gold Rolex994385090
Brown Hair Roblox croptopNIKE Black Croptop Brown Hair1000417743
Bike Tshirt Black jacketBlue and Black Motorcycle Shirt144076358
Adidas Roblox Hoodie Shirt IDGALACTIC SPACE ADIDAS HOOD706742802
Roblox shirt ID for prankstar shirtBlue Prankster Face1004377322
Adidas blue jacket shirt ID codeADIDAS Blue Jacket1079453543
Voltron shirtVoltron Shirt969769182
Green Pumpkin head Halloween shirt IDNeon Green Evil Pumpkin Smile1093536614
Roblox vibes shirtWhite Flame VIBES982259881
Roblox I love Pizza shirtI <3 Pizza Shirt382537085
Roblox x Jurassic World shirtJurassic World Shirt1829155983
Roblox simple patter shirtRoblox Shirt – Simple Pattern3670737444
Demon hoodie RobloxEvil Hoodie5831295891
Cute Spongebob Roblox shirtCute Spongebob shirt6024636855
Christmas sweater RobloxChristmas Overalls – Top6079230418
Roblox Pink ShirtRoblox Pink Shirt855773575
Roblox sweater vestChristmas sweater vest6079224611
floral dressFloral Top Y2k Cute Vintage Aesthetic Girl4820333626
B&W camo jacketBlack & White Camo Open Shirt /w Chain925386449
white shirt gold chain RobloxWhite Hoodie Gold Rolex994376703
Roblox cute Avocado shirtAesthetic avocado4902303192
Ping Cute DressPink Bear Bag + Sweater4909802921
Rainbow stripe yellow sweaterRainbow Stripe Yellow Crop Top4908783634
Liverpool jersey RobloxLiverpool FC: Alisson’s Jersey3481201928
Roblox x Adidas Fire hoodieADIDAS FIRE HOODIES5226243617
Roblox Pink COw Tank TopPink Cow Tank Top5202939492
Roblox x Nike Red Fade HoodieRed Fade Nike5212663289

How to Redeem Shirt IDs on Roblox

Now you know the Shirt IDs, let’s go about how to redeem them on Roblox. Follow the steps below:

  • Open your browser, go to Roblox’s official website, and log into your account.
  • Next, like other in-game items, including the decals, shirts are also a part of the Roblox Marketplace. Because of that, the web address leading to decals usually looks like this:
  • Finally, click Buy to get the shirt you want. Not all shirts will be free, so you might have to pay some Robux to get them. However, you can try out Roblox Premium for some discounts.

Note: You must replace RobloxShirtID in the URL above with the Shirt IDs from the list above. For example – www.roblox.com/catalog/4047884939/

Roblox Shirt ID buy shirt option

These are the top Shirt IDs in Roblox that you can get now. Do you have any specific shirt IDs you want to use in Roblox? Request it in the comments below!

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