This Website Helps You Remove Google from Your Life

How to Remove Google from Your Life to Become More Privacy Friendly

If there’s something that you could do right now to respect your privacy online, removing Google from your life is undoubtedly your best bet. Moving away from Google is one of those things that’s easier said than done. As helpful Google’s products and services are, they’re a privacy nightmare as one of the primary revenue streams of Google is advertising and the company earns by showing you relevant ads.

The first question that might come to your mind after deciding to move away from Google is to find alternatives for all the services that you’ve been using all these years. To make this process easier, there exists a website named Degoogle that lists viable alternate options you could try to free yourself from Google.

Degoogle mainly consists of privacy-friendly browser extensions, replacement desktop apps, mobile apps & services, alternate operating systems. I’ll mention a few of the potential replacements below.

As you might already be aware,  DuckDuckGo search engine is one of the major alternatives for Google Search. Degoogle suggests using DuckDuckGo as your primary search engine. You could also consider Setpage, Mojeek, and Ekoru.

For web browsers, you could use Ungoogled Chromium – a Chromium build of Google Chrome without Google’s prying eyes. Firefox, Waterfox, Vivaldi, Brave, and Tor Browser are potential alternatives.

In terms of hardware, if you really value your privacy, you should consider immediately getting rid of Chromebook running Chrome OS – a glorified Chrome browser disguised as an operating system. Potential alternatives would be TUXEDO, Purism Laptops, and Pinebook Pro. You could also consider switching to any other laptop running on a Linux distribution.

The page also provides resourceful links to various methodologies that could help you become a “privacy wizard”. They even have recommendations on TV shows, podcasts, books, and movies that could help enlighten your whole perception of privacy. Having watched the recommended TV shows and read the book in the past, I can ensure that you won’t go wrong with these recommendations.

In case you need a step-by-step guide to escape from Google, you may also refer to our in-depth article here to get more insights on the same. Take a look at Degoogle below and let us know if you found this helpful in the comments.

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