This Redditor Made the Solar System in Minecraft; Take a Look

Player-made massive Sun in Minecraft
In Short
  • Reddit user bubbaflubba2 posted unbelievable screenshots of a solar system build in Minecraft.
  • The planets and the Sun have been built in adequate scale and proportions within Minecraft.
  • Blocks used in this build also truthfully represent the object's appearance, feel, and texture.

Have you ever asked yourself this important question: How big can Minecraft builds really get? The answer has been given many times by various Minecraft players across the world. But today, we will be taking a look at a crazy out-of-this-world build (quite literally) that’ll blow your mind. It’s a build of the solar system inside Minecraft.

Solar System Build in Minecraft

Reddit user bubbaflubba2 recently posted these unbelievable screenshots in the r/space subreddit. You can see a massive Sun and several planets made in the world of Minecraft. These space objects all follow the scale and proportion of the real-life equivalents, which just puts in perspective the sheer number of blocks used to make up each of them, especially the Sun.

  • Massive Sun made in Minecraft
  • Solar system planets recreated in Minecraft

This Minecraft build is so highly detailed, that many people in the comments thought it was an image. Probably over 10 or 15 different blocks were used to create this trustworthy texture and feel of the flaming ball.

Not only that, but the primary colors for other planets have been more or less perfectly achieved. It’s truly incredible how Minecraft blocks can create a truthful representation of pretty much anything, as long as the proper blocks are used.

The creator surely used some sort of a tool like WorldEdit to build this masterpiece, but that does not at all mean they didn’t design it, and it does not take away from their effort. It just means they made it a bit easier and quicker to finish a project they put their soul and time into. And it turned out absolutely amazing, so well done!

We have already covered how players are building models of the Earth in Minecraft, but this build explores extraterrestrial objects and replicates them in Minecraft. So, have you ever seen a solar system in Minecraft before? What do you think about this astonishing build? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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