Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder’s Vision of Star Wars Thrashed by Critics

Rebel Moon Zack Snyder's vision of Star Wars thrashed by Critics
In Short
  • Rebel Moon: The Child of Fire is in its limited screening period and will be released on Netflix on December 21, 2023.
  • This movie has received negative reviews from almost every major media house.
  • Rebel Moon has become the first movie from Zack Snyder to have a 24% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

One of the most anticipated movies of 2023 by Zack Snyder, Rebel Moon, has fallen into some serious trouble after its initial screening and theatrical release. The initial reviews of Rebel Moon are in and they are not at all looking good. Rebel Moon revolves around a mysterious woman who has been living on a star far away with a peaceful village of farmers. After facing the threat of an imminent invasion, she sets out to find a legion of rebels to fight alongside her to defend her village and the rest of the galaxy.

Rebel Moon

This movie was initially pitched as a Star Wars project with an incredible cast but instead, it was made to be an entire universe of its own. The Trailer for Rebel Moon was indeed fascinating, however, the actual movie seems to have been rather disappointing after its initial screening. Rebel Moon received a set of reviews that were quite harsh but the harshest of all came from IndieWire. They gave Rebel Moon a rating of D- calling it “Zack Snyder’s worst film“.In another set of reviews, The Wrap gave another nasty remark stating-

“A hugely expensive but uninspired ‘Star Wars’ knockoff with some thrilling action sequences, and some truly ugly moments that taint the entire thing.”- The Wrap.

Leaving out big media houses, the general reviews of this movie also thrashed the film for promising too much but delivering too little. As of now, the Rotten Tomatoes score for Rebel Moon is standing at 24%. This is the lowest rating to be ever received by a Zack Snyder film.

Another critical review comes from the Los Angeles Times. They pointed out that Rebel Moon spent so much time setting up the sequel for this movie that they forgot to deliver a standalone and enjoyable performance. They stated-

The film is too invested in table-setting to be fully enjoyed on its own, at times feeling more like a studio presentation deck than a piece of organic storytelling.- Los Angeles Times

Rebel Moon had the source material as well as the capability to build a fantastic film on its own. However, it seems that in the eyes of critics worldwide, Zack Snyder has failed to make a “Zack Snyder movie”.

This movie has just been released for a limited period in the theaters and will arrive on Netflix on December 21, 2023. Now, all that is left for us to see is if the OTT reviews will be any different from these ones, or has Zack Snyder actually failed this time.

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