Rebel Moon: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Part 2 & More

Rebel Moon
In Short
  • Rebel Moon: A Child of Fire is releasing on 15 December  2023 for a limited period and on Netflix on 21 December 2023.
  • The Rebel Moon Saga will consist of three movies, A Child of Fire, The Scargiver, and a third unnamed project.
  • A feature Rebel Moon novel series is currently in the works whose first installment will be released on 26 December 2023.

Zack Snyder, the man who is known for his unique direction techniques and dark-themed movies, is coming back with another dark gritty movie. After making a mark in standalone movies and the DC universe, Zack Snyder is back with his version of Star Wars titled Rebel Moon. Initially, Rebel Moon was meant to be set in the Star Wars universe, however, that idea couldn’t be implemented after Walt Disney acquired LucasFilm in 2012.

Zack Snyder’s earlier team-up with Netflix gave us a movie to remember, titled Army of Dead, released in 2021. Now, a whole universe created by Zack Snyder is coming to Netflix, so people, be prepared to have your minds blown. In this article, let’s find out all about Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon, and since there’s going to be more than one installment of the upcoming movie, we’ll be extensively giving you guys every update we get.

Last updated on December 14, 2023, to include details of the Rebel Moon Part 2.

Rebel Moon Release Date

The official Rebel Moon release date is set to be December 21, 2023, at 7 PM PT, Just in time for Christmas. Rebel Moon will also have a short theatrical release from December 15, 2023, to December 20, 2023, in the U.S. Meanwhile, the second part of Rebel Moon titled The Scargiver is said to be released on April 19, 2024.

Rebel Moon Teasers & Trailers

The first Rebel Moon teaser trailer was officially released at Gamescom on August 22, 2023, and was extremely successful in creating hype among science fiction enthusiasts. This trailer gives us an insight into Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon, which seems to be a perfect mix of every sci-fi genre. This movie looks like Snyder’s take on Star Wars considering the movie is based in space. Like all Zack Snyder movies, Rebel Moon’s elements and picturization look enigmatic and quite wonderful.

The trailer doesn’t give away the plot of this movie but is enough to make Zack Snyder fans mark their calendar for the release date of Rebel Moon.

Rebel Moon Behind the Scenes

After the official trailer for Rebel Moon, a behind-the-scenes clip for the movie was also released giving us an insight into how big this movie is going to be. The sets, the atmosphere, and the way you can see all the cinematographers and actors putting in their maximum effort kind of guarantees that this movie is going to be worth the hype.

A new trailer for Rebel Moon has been released and the cinematography of this movie screams of Zack Snyder’s genius. This trailer gives us an insight into Kora’s origin along with the backstory of other major characters. As I said earlier, this movie is totally worth the hype and can easily stand as a strong competitor among the top releases of 2023.

Rebel Moon Storyline

Zack Snyder is known for creating stories with a grand plot and complex storylines including a dark and gritty atmosphere being beautifully portrayed. Rebel Moon, from the looks of its trailer, seems to incorporate all these signature styles. According to the synopsis given to us by Netflix, Rebel Moon will revolve around a peaceful colony of people who are threatened by an invasion at the hands of Regent Balisarius. A mysterious girl named Kora is chosen to go to different settlements and look for warriors who lead their last stand against this threat.

Rebel Moon Cast and Characters

Rebel Moon: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Part 2 & More
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The lead role of Kora in Rebel Moon will be played by Sofia Boutella who will be tasked with recruiting a team of warriors to take a stand against the invasion of Regent Balisarius. The character of JC1453, a sentient mechanized robot who was once the guardian of the king, will be voiced by Anthony Hopkins. As per Snyder, this character will be like a wild card on a journey of self-discovery. Also, he has indicated the inclusion of Arthurian elements in Rebel Moon by mentioning that JC1435’s character will be like Launcelot’s. Other members of the cast include the following:

Rebel Moon Cast List

  • Sofia Boutella- Kora
  • Anthony Hopkins- JC1453
  • Djimon Hounsou- General Titus
  • Ed Skrein- Regent Balusarius
  • Charlie Hunnam
  • Ray Fisher
  • Cleopatra Coleman
  • Michiel Huisman
  • Jena Melone
  • Staz Nair
  • Doona Bae
  • E.Duffy
  • Fra Fee
  • Stuart Martin
  • Corey Stoll
  • Cary Elwes
  • Alfonso Herrera
  • Rihan Reese
  • Ray Porter

Rebel Moon Director’s Cut: Is That a Possibility?

If we talk about Zack Snyder, he is popular for creating movies that are as ambitious as it gets. But is it a Zack Snyder movie if it doesn’t cross the lines of ambition? Back in June, long before even the trailer of Rebel Moon was released, Zack Snyder confirmed that there was going to be an extended director’s cut for Rebel Moon.

He said that the one releasing on Netflix in December is going to be a PG-13 version of the movie which “anyone can enjoy and watch”. Meanwhile, the Rebel Moon director’s cut aka Snydercut is going to be strictly for adult audiences only.

Rebel Moon Part 2 (The Scargiver) Details

The second part of Rebel Moon is set to release on April 19, 2024, with the title The Scargiver. Initially, Rebel Moon was meant to be a single movie as per Zack Snyder, but when he presented his script to Deborah Snyder, she had to make it into 2 films as the script was 174 pages long! She says “Originally, the script was one movie, but it was in Zack form. It was 172 pages.

The chairman of Netflix Scott Stuber also raised a point that on the streaming platform, movies that are less than the 2-hour mark usually do better with the statement. He said, “On the service, under-two-hour movies really do better for some reason, even though you’ll binge-watch a series of eight episodes.” To this Zack Snyder said that if he cut down the movie to two hours, it would lose its essence and all its character. As a result, Zack was given the green light to split the story into two movies, thus, Rebel Moon was turned into a saga.

Is Rebel Moon a Star Wars Movie?

Even though Rebel Moon does look a lot like a Star Wars movie, it is not one. Initially, when Rebel Moon was written as an idea by Zack Snyder, he wished it to be set in the Star Wars universe but his dream was never fulfilled after Walt Disney acquired Lucasfilm in the year 2012. Zack Snyder wished to make a movie that could be linked to the Star Wars storyline with certain references from Star Wars.

Even though the movie is now a standalone project, it did retain some elements similar to Star Wars, the weapons, especially the energy swords which look a lot like the lightsaber. the uniforms of the Regent Balisarius and certain other elements. Even though Rebel Moon is not a Star Wars film, from the looks of its trailer, it will make you feel as if you are in the golden age of Star Wars, and if you are a fan like me, I guess we are both waiting eagerly for the official release date of Rebel Moon, that is 22 December 2023.

Is Rebel Moon Based On a Book?

Since the announcement of Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon, the one question on everyone’s mind is – Is the Rebel Moon movie based on a book? The short answer to that is, No, Rebel Moon is not based on a book. However, according to Snyder himself, Rebel Moon will be adapted into a novel series with the same name but in much more detail.

The task of the novelization of this expansive saga has been given to renowned novelist V. Castro. It will be available to buy on Amazon on 26 December 2023 right after the official release of the first installment of the Rebel Moon movie.

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