Rebel Moon Part 3: How Does Rebel Moon Part 2 Set up the Threequel?

Rebel Moon Part 2 is now live on Netflix and when I say it is being beaten down by the general public and reviewers, it really is. Zack Snyder’s dream project was supposed to be concluded in two movies but now he has announced that Rebel Moon will be made into six different parts. The story as of now is below average and it is a mystery how this is going to work out. However, if we talk about Rebel Moon Part 3 the biggest question is where it could be headed. Well, the Part 2 has left us some clues.

Spoiler Warning: This post contains spoilers for Rebel Moon Part 2: The Scargiver.

How Does Rebel Moon Part 2 Ending Set Up Rebel Moon Part 3

Rebel Moon Part 3: How Does Rebel Moon Part 2 Set up the Threequel?
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Rebel Moon Part 2 showed us the death of Admiral Atticus Noble at the hands of Kora and Gunnar. By the end of Rebel Moon Part 2, we see the villagers and the warriors honor their dead at a funeral where Kora expresses her identity as the Assasin of Princess Issa. However, General Titus tells Kora that the “Princess is still alive”. Following this revelation, the remaining heroes agree to find the princess, and knowing that the Princess is alive, Jimmy, the robot, who used to be the royal guard also joins the team.

So, if we draw a conclusion from what happened in the last 20 minutes of Rebel Moon Part 2, it seems that Rebel Moon Part 3 will feature this band of heroes going on an adventure to find the lost princess. We might get to see an epic adventure through the galaxy filled with battle and Zack Snyder’s signature cinematography. However, considering how messed up Rebel Moon: The Scargiver was, I personally do not have a lot of hope for this franchise.

Rebel Moon Part 3 Possible Release Timeline

Now since it is pretty evident that Rebel Moon Part 3 is on the cards, let’s talk about when we can see it happen. In a recent report by, it has been revealed that Zack Snyder has already written the first 20 pages of Rebel Moon Part 3. He said this in a press conference about Rebel Moon Part 2-

“I don’t think it would take too long. Because Kurt and I and Shay, we know exactly where the story goes. We’ve got it all figured out. It’s all whiteboarded out and I’ve written probably the first like 20 pages of the third movie. So it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to get to it. But we’ll see”- Zack Snyder

In the context of Rebel Moon Part 2, it was released rather quickly after the first movie since the filming of Rebel Moon: The Scargiver was already in progress when Rebel Moon Part One was released. However, the case is not the same as Rebel Moon Part 3.

The script is still in progress which will certainly take some time to finish, so we can expect Rebel Moon Part 3 to release sometime by mid-2025. Another aspect is the underwhelming performance of both the Rebel Moon movies which may lead Netflix to drop Rebel Moon altogether. They might make a final third movie but if it fails as well, I don’t think Rebel Moon will carry on any further.

As I mentioned earlier, Zack Snyder plans to make six movies in the Rebel Moon universe and is already working on the script of Rebel Moon Part 3. Now the big question is, when the people are not happy with what he is presenting, how in the world is he going to gather an audience for himself? I guess only time will tell. So, till then, stay tuned with us for further updates!

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