PUBG Mobile’s New Era Comes with Overhauled Graphics, Improved Animations and More

pubg mobile new era announcement

Popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile has announced version 1.0. This jump will bring with it a bunch of improvements to the game in terms of graphics and performance. The developers have announced that starting September 8, PUBG Mobile players will start receiving the v1.0 update on their phones.

With this update, PUBG Mobile developers are overhauling a lot of things. For one, the game lobby is completely redesigned. Now, it comes with separate spaces for social, game, and shop sections. You can swipe through them to navigate across these spaces. Moreover, you can even customise the UI of the lobby based on your preferences.

Inside the game, graphics are getting a huge improvement. There are better textures, improved skylights, and more. You can even see reflections on the water now, depending on your graphics settings, and it looks really nice. Moreover, the developers have implemented better muzzle flashes, particle effects, and more to make the game more realistic. According to the developers, v1.0 will bring up to a 30 percent increase in frame rate and 76 percent decrease in lag as well.

Apart from that, we also got an announcement for the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. This will be a combination of the PMWL and PMWC. The tournament will begin in November, and will have a prize pool of $2 million. Since the pandemic will not let players come together in one city to play the tournament, this year’s PMGC will be termed Season Zero, similar to PMWL Season Zero that recently concluded.

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