Poco F1 Users Can Now Unlock Bootloader in Just 3 Days

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Xiaomi’s newborn Poco F1 is capable of many things and it would be safe to call it a gateway flagship for regular users. But at launch, the company said it would adopt a developer-friendly policy and even took its first step by opening up the kernel source code last week.

Now taking another step in this direction and away from how parent Xiaomi handles bootloader unlocking, Pocophone has announced the Poco F1 users can unlock the bootloader in just 3 days.

Poco’s Head of Product, Jai Mani, has said that in order to unlock the Poco F1’s bootloader, users would have to wait a maximum of 3 days, which is clearly more convenient than the two month waiting period announced previously. I’m not entirely convinced that this process is very friendly for developers, because if they are simply using the phone as a test device, waiting 72 hours is perhaps not ideal.

Users of Xiaomi and Redmi devices have to apply to unlock the bootloader by entering their details online and specifying the purpose. There’s also a waiting period of up to two months.

Poco F1 Users Can Now Unlock Bootloader in Just 3 Days

The step should result in more active development of third-party ROMs, custom mods, and kernels which can help unleash the hidden powers of the Poco F1’s great hardware. We’ll be closely tracking the unofficial development related to the smartphone and definitely keep an eye on some of the custom ROMS and updates

Meanwhile, we can’t wait to show everyone just how awesome the Poco F1 is. Her’s our review:

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  • q2 says:

    But mi8 users must wait 30 days…

    • Tushar Mehta says:

      Even users with other Xiaomi devices have to wait that much. 3 days is only for Poco.

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