Pixel 9 Set to Fix Connectivity Woes with New Exynos Modem

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Image Courtesy: OnLeaks (Edited by Abubakar/Beebom)
In Short
  • Pixel 9 series could be getting a new Samsung modem called Exynos 5400.
  • The modem will bring Satellite Connectivity and fix network issues on Pixels.
  • Google is also developing a 5G Pixel Tablet codenamed "Clementine."

There’s still a long time before the Pixel 9 series launch, and a few details including the high-resolution renders of the phones have already leaked. Besides, the recent Android 15 Beta updates gave us a glimpse of a special upcoming feature called satellite connectivity. This would allow users to communicate with others without the internet.

A recent leak suggests that the Pixel 9 series will be getting a new Exynos modem. This would not only help with the satellite connectivity but potentially fix the infamous connectivity issues with Pixels. The Exynos modem will make the Pixel 9 series support satellite connectivity on a hardware level.

The modem in question is the Exynos 5400. Popular Pixel tipster Kamila Wojciechowska learned via a Google insider that the upcoming Pixel 9 series and its upgraded SoC, the Tensor G4 will feature Exynos 5400. It brings some upgrades over the previous generations.

Google lineup of Pixel devices

It’s reportedly more power-efficient and faster. Besides, Kamila also suggests that the software stack is upgraded to support for 3GPP Rel. 17. This would bring support for 5G non-terrestrial networks, or in other words, satellite connectivity.

Kamila’s source also suggests there’s a 5G Pixel Tablet in development codenamed “Clementine”. It’s possible that this tablet and the upcoming Pixel Fold 2 could both feature an Exynos 5400 modem.

As for how satellite connectivity could work when it’s available, it’s possible that the Pixel will ask a few questions and will then let you message your emergency contacts and emergency services. The questions will have predefined answers to make the process swift. Some of the questions include “What happened?”, “Are there weapons involved?”, “What type of vehicle or vessel?”, etc.

Satellite connectivity animations
Image Courtesy: Kamila Wojciechowska via Android Authority

Since satellite connectivity requires users to aim their devices in a certain direction, Google has added animations to make the process easier.

Satellite connectivity will be a new addition to Android’s growing list of safety features. The search engine giant is changing many things around on both software and hardware fronts. One of the major developments on the hardware front was the existence of a third Pixel 9 variant, which means Google might be gearing up to launch a Pixel 9 Pro XL of sorts. For now, we have the Pixel 8a to look out for in the forthcoming Google I/O.

What are your thoughts about Satellite Connectivity on Android? Do you think it will be useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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