New Pixel 8a Leak Suggests 120Hz Refresh Rate and DisplayPort Support

Pixel 8a Features and specifiactions
In Short
  • More credible Google Pixel 8a information has leaked.
  • The Pixel 8a will boast a 120Hz OLED with 1400 nits of peak brightness, the same as the Pixel 8.
  • Besides, it could support Display Out, and faster data transfers, and will be available in more European countries.

New exclusive information about the upcoming Pixel 8a has leaked after we learned yesterday that the phone had been listed on FCC. One of the earlier leaks suggested a sharp price increase and after the latest leaked info, we think the leak could be true.

Popular leaker and features spotter Kamilla Wojciechowska suggests that the Google Pixel 8a is getting major upgrades compared to last year’s Pixel 7a, which puts the upcoming A series device on par with the vanilla Pixel 8. The latest information about the specifications comes from a source inside Google and here’s what it suggests.

A Display Upgrade – Yet Again

Pixel 8
Image Courtesy: Google

In an unexpected turn of events, the Google Pixel 8a could feature a 120Hz OLED display with up to 1,400 nits of peak brightness, similar to the Pixel 8. The source also highlights the display is made by BOE and Samsung, just like the Pixel 8’s display which means it could be the same display used in the Pixel 8.

Cameras Remain the Same

Pixel-7a-launched (1)
Image Courtesy: Beebom

The Pixel 8a will use the same main and ultrawide sensors as the Pixel 7a, which shouldn’t be surprising as Google ditched the ancient IMX363 on the Pixel 6a for IMX787 on the Pixel 7a. Before this, Google had been using the IMX363 since the Pixel 3!

DisplayPort Upgrade

Google enabling support for display out across newer Pixels indicates that the firm is working on something major behind the scenes, perhaps a Samsung DeX-like Desktop Mode? The search engine giant recently enabled display out on the Pixel 8 series, but adding the same to a “mid-range” device is surprising.

Either way, this means the Pixel 8a will be able to output a display signal while boasting faster USB transfer speeds thanks to USB 3.2.

An Almost Similar Tensor G3

tensor g3

Tensor G3 for the Pixel 8a was fated to happen and isn’t surprising. However, when we say “almost similar,” we mean that just like the Tensor G2 on the Pixel 7a used a different packaging, the Tensor G3 on the Pixel 8a will use IPoP (Integrated Package on Package) as opposed to FOPLP (Fan-Out Panel Level Packaging) as the Pixel 8’s Tensor G3. This is because the former is cheaper as it’s also thicker. The performance difference won’t be too big, though.

Pixels are Expanding to More Countries

Google could do a lot on the availability front. According to the new electronic warranty labels, the Pixel 8a could be coming to regions such as the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Pixel 8a Leaks: Price Hike Justifiable?

I’m done figuring out where Google wants to go with the Pixel 8a. Specifications-wise it rivals the vanilla Pixel 8, which isn’t what an A series device is supposed to do. Due to the added DisplayPort support, Tensor G3, and a similar display to the Pixel 8, if Google decides to bring 7 years of updates to the 8a (which I doubt will happen), the phone could botch the sales of the vanilla Pixel.

The added feature set also explains the rumored price increase. I think there’s no way the Pixel 8a, with the newly added features, will cost $500. The base variant will probably come at around $549 or $579 at least, although I wouldn’t mind Google surprising me.

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