After OnePlus, Now Oppo Promises 4 Years of Software Updates

List of Oppo Phones That Will Get ColorOS 12 Update in India

Oppo has changed its software update cycle and will now provide 4 years of software updates to rival the likes of Samsung. This comes after OnePlus recently revealed plans to provide 4 years of updates but is currently limited to some devices in 2023. Here’s what Oppo has to offer.

Oppo Wants to Offer Extended Updates

Oppo will now release 4 major ColorOS updates and 5 years of security updates, starting in 2023. Much like OnePlus, this will be for select flagship phones and we can expect the upcoming Find X series phone to become a part of the new update cycle. Even the recently launched Oppo Find N2 series could get 4 years of updates.

This new update cycle is meant for global users. But before you get too excited, there’s one thing to note. Oppo says that there will be 4 years of ColorOS updates so we don’t know if this will also include new Android versions. There are chances that new ColorOS iterations might come in regularly but will be based on old Android versions. For instance, Oppo might release the ColorOS 14 based on Android 13 as part of the new update policy.

Nonetheless, this new update will give neck-to-neck competition to Samsung, which already provides users with four years of major Android updates, and may eventually persuade more OEMs to adopt this strategy as a standard. We can expect similar changes to the update cycle by Realme soon. Outside of the Android ecosystem, it’s Apple that offers 5 years of major updates to the iPhones.

In addition to this, Oppo has revealed that the current ColorOS 13 skin has seen a faster rollout as compared to the previous versions. It has reached 33 smartphones since August 2022, becoming the ‘fastest and biggest update in the history of ColorOS.‘ The ColorOS 13 update brings the Aquamorphic design, new Always-on-Display (AOD) changes, new privacy features (including the screenshot pixelation feature), and more.

So, what are your thoughts on the new update policy by Oppo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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