ChatGPT’s New Voice Mode Rollout Is Delayed, Confirms OpenAI

chatgpt new voice mode delayed by openai
Image Courtesy: OpenAI
In Short
  • OpenAI had demoed an impressive Voice Mode during the GPT-4o launch in May. Now, the company says it's being delayed by a month.
  • By the end of the next month, the advanced Voice Mode will be out in alpha to a select group of paid users.
  • OpenAI is preparing to widely roll out the feature by the end of this year.

Last month in May, OpenAI introduced the GPT-4o model and demoed an impressive Voice Mode that lets users engage in a human-like conversation with ChatGPT. OpenAI had hoped that by the end of June, it would start rolling out the new Voice Mode with a select group of ChatGPT Plus users. However, now OpenAI says that it needs “one more month to reach our bar to launch“.

The hot AI startup says that it’s improving the GPT-4o model for voice conversations and enhancing the “ability to detect and refuse certain content“. Not only that but for reduced latency and real-time responses, OpenAI is also working on the infrastructure to scale the Voice Mode feature for millions of users.

OpenAI further says that a month later, it would start deployment iteratively starting in alpha preview with a small group of users. After that, by the end of this year, all ChatGPT Plus users will get access to the new Voice Mode on ChatGPT. OpenAI is refusing to give an exact timeline as the rollout depends on how well the product is received by users.

Next, OpenAI is also preparing to roll out features like video and screen sharing that OpenAI demoed during the event. In case you are unaware, Scarlett Johansson revealed that Sam Altman, the OpenAI CEO, was in contact with the actress, pushing to lend her voice for the new Voice Mode on ChatGPT.

After Johansson refused, OpenAI went on to create a ‘Sky’ voice that sounded eerily similar to Johansson’s character in the movie ‘Her’. Upon the allegation by the actress, OpenAI has removed the ‘Sky’ voice from ChatGPT. Now, let’s see what new voices are available when the advanced Voice Mode finally arrives.

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