Quora which is a Q/A website edited and organized by the users has rolled out a new feature called “Promote”.

This feature lets users to promote their Questions, Answers and Posts on boards so as to increase the number of people who see it in their feed.  To promote content, users need to spend Credits which is the official currency in Quora world.

Promote feature is on the right-hand side column of content pages on Quora. You can use the slider bar to choose how many people you want to promote the content to and immediately see how many credits you’ll need to use.

Promote Slider

Apart from this, earlier asking a question on Quora was free but now users need to spend 50 credits to ask a question, which ensures that the asker cares about the question.

50 credits fee to Show question to topic follower is being replaced with a 50 credit cost for adding a question, and all questions will automatically be shown to topic followers.


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