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Signal blur face feat.

How to Blur People’s Faces in Images using Signal

With the aim of protecting people's identities, the WhatsApp-like privacy-focused messaging platform, Signal has added yet another useful feature in its app. This feature...
Gboard feat.

Google is Apparently Working on a Minimal Design for Gboard

Since the inception of Gboard back in 2016, Google has made a number of changes to its keyboard app to make it more efficient....
Wash hands WearOS feat

New WearOS Update Brings “Hand Wash” Reminders to Compatible Smartwatches

As the Novel Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, the only way to stay safe is to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently....

Now You Can Promote Your Question On Quora

Quora which is a Q/A website edited and organized by the users has rolled out a new feature called "Promote". This feature lets users to promote...