Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date Tipped to Be March 2025

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In Short
  • Nintendo Switch 2, the company's next-gen handheld console, could launch in March 2025, as per a new report.
  • This coincides with a previous report we heard this month, where game devs were reportedly told the Switch 2 will launch in 2025.
  • No official confirmation or statement from Nintendo on the Switch 2 has been released so far.

The Nintendo Switch 2 leaks have generated tons of hype, and now, another release date rumor has emerged from the Japanese media publication Nikkei. In this report, it has been stated that the new Nintendo Switch 2 is coming out in March 2025. Yeah, a year later from today.

The translation of Nikkei’s report reads “prioritized securing initial stock of successor machines and the lineup of popular software at the time of release, including measures to prevent resale.” What this means is that Nintendo first wants to avoid scalping. This is when some people buy as many units of a newly-released product because they intend to then resell them at higher prices, taking advantage of the low-stock situation.

Also, it looks like Nintendo wants to prepare a good selection of games for the new handheld’s launch. This coincides with a recent rumor we heard earlier this month. It talked about a delayed release, with Nintendo’s new next-gen gaming handheld expected to come out in Q1 2025.

Up until this point, previous rumors were pointing to a 2024 release date for Nintendo Switch 2. That theory on a potential 2024 release has since died out. Game publishers were reportedly told recently that the new successor to Nintendo Switch would arrive in 2025.

Overall, it looks like Nintendo is preparing heavily for a successful launch. The report from Nikkei also talks about how the “successor model” gets a bigger screen. This was stated to be 6.2 inches for the base Switch 2 variant.

Also, it was claimed that the new Switch 2 would feature “higher definition image quality,” which points towards an upgraded screen resolution for the handheld. Recently, we also heard that the handheld would feature backwards compatibility and even allow users to play older games with an upgraded visual quality!

Could Nintendo Switch 2 Be Delayed Further?

Nintendo Switch 2 release date leaked
Image Source: Nintendo

Through all of this, Nintendo has officially denied to comment on its next-gen handheld. The source of this March 2025 release date rumor has also talked about how the handheld could be delayed further than this aforementioned time window.

This delay could happen if the company doesn’t think enough new games to launch alongside the Nintendo Switch 2 are ready. Manufacturing delays can also affect when exactly the new handheld comes out.

So yes, the release of Nintendo Switch 2 could be delayed further than March 2025. We will have to wait for an official word from the company. Until then, the hype for the upcoming handheld is only going to grow with each new leak or rumor!

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